The Princess Royal reel

Also known as Iníon Nic Dhiarmada, Miss MacDermot, Miss MacDermott, Miss MacDermott, Or The Princess Royal, Miss Mc Dermott, Miss McDermot, Miss McDermot’s, Miss McDermott, Miss McDermott’s, Princes Royal.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Princess Royal
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmin
GA|: "Gm" B2AB G2dc|"Gm" B2AB G2d2|"Cm" e2ed "F7" c2fe|"Bb" de "F" cd "Gm" B2{c}BA|
"Gm" B2gB "Dm" A2fA|"Eb" GABG "D7" D2dc|"Gm" BABG "D7" D2[C2^F2]|"Gm" [B,4G4] [B,2G2]:|
d2|"Gm" g2g^f "D7" {a}gfga|"Bb" b2B2 B2ba|"Gm" bagf "Cm" edcB|"F" ABcA "F7" F2GA|
"Bb" [F2B2]AB "F" [F2c2]Bc|"Bb" [F2d2][F2d2] "Eb" [G4B4g4]|"Bb" [F2B2f2][F2B2] "F7" [F4A4e4]|"Bb" [F2B2d2] "Gm" G2 "Adim" [E4G4c4]|
"Gm" BcBA GABG|"D" ^FGAF "D7" D2dc|"Gm" BABG "D7" D2[C2^F2]|"Gm" [B,4G4] [B,2G2]||
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Princess Royal

A friend of mine and I play this as a duet with fiddle and harpsichord and it is wonderful - tho it has always been one of my favorite tunes anyway. It’s used as the lead tune for a Scottish country dance of the same name, and the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society lists its origin as Gow’s Repository, but leaves it undated.

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Princess Royal

Thanks to HDSarah for here research on the thread - CJ

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G Major version on MORRIS ON

I much prefer the major key version played by John Kirkpatrick (accordion) on MORRIS ON.