The Road To Abbeyfeale jig

By Martin Mulvihill

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Road To Abbeyfeale
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:B|d2 d gdB|cAG F2 A|d^cd gdB|cAB c2 A|
d^cd gdB|cAG FF/G/A|dd/e/f gdB|cAF G2:|
|:B/c/|dgg dgg|fdc AA/B/c|dgg bgg|fdB c2 A|
d2 g dgB|fdc A2 ^c|d^cd gdB|cAF G2:|

Four comments

C: Martin Mulvihill

I don’t know where that ‘e’ came from… 😏

Martin Mulvihill

Martin was born in the village of Ballygoughin in west Limerick 1929. He learned the fiddle from his mother and from neighboring musicians in the townland. He emigrated to England in the 1950’s and lived in Northampton for several years before moving to New York with his family in the mid 1960’s. He now runs one of the largest and most successful schools of Irish music in America. As well as being an excellent musician, he is a talented composer with several fine tunes to his credit…

~ from the original liner notes of the late 1970’s…Martin Mulvihill died in the 1990’s on a trip back to his native town.

1984 NEA National Heritage Fellowships

Martin Mulvihill was born in 1923 in Ballygoughlin, County Limerick, Ireland. His mother, Brigid Flynn, played the concertina and fiddle, and his first instruction came from her when he was about eight years old. Later, he learned the rudiments of reading and writing music from a local teacher, Tom O’Reilly, who "was more of a classical player," but his mother’s style remained his primary influence. ~

In 1971, Mulvihill and his family immigrated to New York City, where he began teaching Irish music to a few Bronx neighborhood children. His versatility and superb traditional repertoire soon attracted so many students that he was able to quit his regular job and teach full-time. For Mulvihill, that meant working seven days a week, commuting to Irish communities in Brooklyn, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania, while still maintaining the original Martin Mulvihill School in the Bronx, where he taught children from six to 18 years old the basics of music notation and the traditional Irish instruments: fiddle, tin whistle, drums, piano, and button and piano accordion. Over the years, his reputation steadily grew, and hundreds of his pupils have achieved remarkable success in competitions and festivals in both the United States and Ireland. ~

Mulvihill recorded for the Green Linnett Record Company and Global Village of New York in the 1970s and early 1980s. He was often joined in performance by his four children: Dawn on fiddle and tin whistle, Gail on tenor banjo, Brian on drums, and Brendan on fiddle. Brendan Mulvihill has become a noted performer and recording artist in his own right, carrying on the folk violin tradition that began with his grandmother.

"First Collection of Traditional Irish Music" Martin Mulvihill ~ some ABCs

"Martin Mulvihill: The Humors of Glin"

"Martin Mulvihill & Mick Moloney: Traditional Irish Fiddling from County Limerick" 1978

"Martin Mulvihill: Beginning Irish Fiddle"

"Martin Mulvihill: Intermediate Irish Fiddle"

The Road To Abbeyfeale

From the sleeve notes: Martin Mulvihill learned this tune from the lilting of his grandfather Maurice Flynn.