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One setting

X: 1
T: Daniel Kelly
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Cmaj
|: GAc2 c3A | c4 {cd}e4 | d2de d2c2 | d4 d2eg |
a2e2 c'2g2 | a2ge g2ed | c2~c>A c2{d}e2 | E2G2 AGED |
E2G2 AGED | C2C>D C2C2 | EGA2 cAG2 | E2G2 cAGE |
D2D>E D2D2 | e2{e}d2 cde2 | {d}c2BA A2a2 | g4 {b}c'2a2 |
a2ab c'4 | {a}g2e2 gedc | a2{a}g2 e2d2 | cAc2 {d}c3 G|
E2D2 C2A,2 | c2C2 G2E2 | c2E2 G2E2 | {B}c2d2 e2d2 |
c2cd {d}c2AG | A4 c2de | g2g2 {a}g2eg | a4 g2c'd' |
e'2d'c' d'2c'b | c'2ba bc'd'2 | c2a2 ~a2g2 | a4 ~b2ab |
c2a2 ~g2e2 | {e}d2c2 deg2 | fc'g2 e2c2 | A2{B}c2 {d}c4 :|

One comment

Daniel Kelly- Turlough O’Carolan

This is the second tune of a set called ‘The Kelly Set’, arr. by Chris Norman and found on the Dorian recording ‘The Reel of Tulloch’. It is an air, though I’ve only heard it with a slight cadence..

The first tune in this set, ‘Mild Mabel Kelly’, was just submitted. A link to the third, ‘Castle Kelly’ was provided with the last submittal. The fourth tune, ‘Captain Kelly’, can be found here:


Unfortunately I was unable to find any words or historical context for this tune. Any reference would be welcome.