The Burning Brakes jig

By Paddy O’Brien

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Burning Brakes
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:GBd gfg|dBg dBG|cBc EFG|ABG FED|
GBd gfg|dBg dBG|cBc DFA|1 AGF G2D:|2 AGF G2A||
|:B2G GBd|gfg dBG|cBc EFG|ABG FED|
B/c/dB GBd|gfa gdB|cBc DFA|1 AGF G2A:|2 AGF GBd||
g2d dBd|GBd gfg|a2e e^ce|A^ce agf|
g2d dBd|GBd gdB|ced cAF|AGF GBd|
g2d dBd|GBd gfg|a2e e^ce|A^ce agf|
gbg f/g/af|gdB GBd|cBc DFA|AGF G2D||
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The Burning Brakes

This is a great jig, that was composed by Paddy O’Brien of Tipperary. I learnt it from the infectious playing of the Ormond Céilí Band. Thanks to kilfarboy and Walnut Box for the info.

Here is the link to the radio programme that I heard it on:

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"The Burning Brakes" ~ C: Paddy O’Brien

"The Compositions of Paddy O’Brien"
J.D.C. Publications, 1992

Page 6: "The Burning Brakes"

There’s got to be a story behind this. I remember a few ‘group’ trips taken in Ireland where the brakes used to squeal and smoke.

jakep ~ is this transcription actually taken from the playing fo ‘The Ormond Céilí Band’? Why I ask, it is literally note-for-note as it appears in the collection, though there they give lead-ins, for example, the A-part starts |: D | ~ the B-parts begins |: A | ~ and the C-part starts up |: Bd | ~ with 4-bar 1st and 2nd endings. Even the runs are note for note, though notated differently ~ (3B/c/d/ B & (3f/g/a/ f… It’s good to see it here…and another 4-bar second ending… 😉

Yes it is from the Ormond Céilí Band. I have never heard or seen it written anywhere else. Perhaps it is the same as the version in the book because Paddy taught the same version to the band, or even because the band learnt it from the book.

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Re: The Burning Brakes

Eileen O’Brien (Paddy’s daughter) plays a lovely version of this jig at:

It’s the second jig (after The Coming of Spring, another Paddy O’Brien tune) at 2:32. Someone asked about the story behind the title and Eileen gives an explanation before playing the two jigs. Unfortunately, I couldn’t understand her accent well enough (I’m American!) to get the last bit, but it had to do with Willie Fogarty’s brakes being on fire. If anyone else understands exactly what she said, please “translate.” 🙂 In any event, both jigs are lovely, as is the entire performance!