Queen’s hornpipe

Also known as The Queen’s.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Queen's
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:(3def|g>dB>d e>cA>F|G2G>A B>GF>G|D>FA>B c>AA>G|A>dd>^c d>ef>a|
g>dB>d e>cA>F|G2G>A B>GF>G|D>FA>B c>AF>A|G2G>F G2:|
|:(3Bcd|e2e>f g>e^c>e|d>^cd>e ~f2d2|g>fe>d ^c>AB>G|A>dd>^c d>ef>a|
g>dB>d e>cA>F|G2G>A B>GF>G|D>FA>B c>AF>A|G2G>F G2:|

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Queen’s Hornpipe

An ear-catching hornpipe from London flute player James Carty’s flute album. Sean Maguire’s father, Johnny Maguire is cited as the source of the tune. Johnny Maguire was a whistle player from Co. Cavan, who passed on some unusual local tunes to Cathal McConnell. I believe that Jack Roe’s Reel is the most popular of the tunes associated with Johnny.

James Carty actually doesn’t repeat either part of the tune though it’s listed as a hornpipe on the recording. I think it works better as a normal hornpipe rather than a fling, hence this transcription.

I researched on the Net with no luck. Even Fiddlers Companion has no info on the tune. Is it still played in Cavan, or elsewhere? Hope someone would enlighten me.

Johnnie Queen

Johnnie Queen was a famed clog dancer and there is at least one tune namef for him in Ryan’s Mammoth Collection/1000 Fiddle Tunes. Sean McGuire got a lot of tunes from that book and often mixed up the names. Don’t have a copy at hand, but that’s a place to look, I think.

Not Johnnie Queen’s Clog anyway

Found "JQ’s Clog" in The Fiddler’s Companion. Not the same.

As I wrote, the source of this tune is Johnny Maguire, not Sean Maguire. James Carty writes it’s on one of the old tape recordings he got from Reg Hall.

Re: Queen’s

Just heard Liam Neeson playing this on the late late show tonight.. lovely tune. It’s on my "tunes to learn" list..

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Re: Queen’s

Not Liam Neeson, but Brendan Gleeson - he did a lovely version of it on mandolin