Seven recordings of A Fisherman’s Song For Attracting Seals

Also known as The Fisherman’s Song For Attracting The Seals, Maol Dònaidh, Maol Donnaich, Maol Donnaidh, Music Of The Seals, Scotch Fisherman’s Song For Attracting Seals, The Selkie.

This tune has been recorded together with The Seal Hunter’s Fling (a few times), Lieutenant Maguire’s, The Old Woman’s Dance, The Rights Of Man, Walking The Floor.

  1. Beyond The Shore by Deby Benton Grosjean
  2. Graham Wells & David Clark by Graham Wells & David Clark
  3. Harper’s Brew by Aryeh Frankfurter
  4. Homeward Way by Bards Of A Feather
  5. Seal Song by Ossian
  6. Shadows On Stone by Matt Molloy
  7. The Fire Aflame by Matt Molloy, Seán Keane, Liam O’Flynn