David D MacKenzie Of Sallachy reel

Also known as David D. McKenzie Of Sallachy.

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One setting

X: 1
T: David D MacKenzie Of Sallachy
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
AB/c/|d3 c d2 e2|d2 F2 G2 A2|c3 B B3 A|A2 F2 E2 F2|
G3 A B2 G2|F3 G A2 F2|F E3 E3 F|E6 AB/c/|
d3 c d2 e2|d2 F2 G2 A2|c3 B B2 A2|A2 F2 E2 D2|
B,3 G A,3 F|G,3 E A,3 B|A F3 E3 D|D6 AB/c/|
d3 e f2 d2|c2 e2 A2 c2|B3 c d2 B2|A2 D2 F2 A2|
G3 A B2 G2|F3 G A2 F2|F E3 E3 F|E6 AB/c/|
d3 e f2 d2|c2 a2 A2 =c2|B3 c d2 B2|A2 d2 D2 F2|
G3 A B2 G2|F2 A2 D2 F2|F3 E E3 D|D6||

Four comments

David D MacKenzie Of Sallachy (slow air)

I learnt this from my friend Dick Rutter, octagenarian fiddler and fiddle-maker who died last week. This was a tune which, more than any other, we’d perform together, he on fiddle, me on whistle, and it was one of the last tunes we played together a few months ago. Dick got his version from the playing of Shetland fiddler Willie Hunter, who has recorded it, but I can’t remember which album at the moment. I think Dick transposed the tune into D, but I don’t have the album to hand to check. It was apparently composed by “I Sinclair”. I have plenty of recordings of Dick playing his repertoire, so I must dig them out to see what gems there may be.

Willie Hunter followed “David D MacKenzie Of Sallachy” with “The Sands of Munness” a strathspey by Frank Jamieson, and his own “Kiwi Reel”.

It’s on “Leaving Lerwick Harbour” and bonnie it is too.

The Kiwi Reel Wilie Hunter

I heard this fine reel on Radio na Gaeltachta ( Neansai) played by Willie himself, and I am t rying to get the sheet music.

The music shop in Lerwick are no help a all.

Can anyone help - or supply a copy’

James Doyle
Greven Germany

The Kiwi Reel

Kiwi Reel: https://thesession.org/tunes/13858

In listening to that album again, I see that I was wrong to say that Sands of Murness and Kiwi Reel follow David D Mackenzie of Salachy - that tune stands on its own, and the other two are preceded by “The Carnival March”.