The Forth Brig hornpipe

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Forth Brig
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|: B>c^c>d g>fe>d | c>d^d>e a>gf>e | f>c'b>a g>fe>f | (3gba (3gfe ~d2 dc |
B>c^c>d g>fe>d | c>d^d>e a>gf>e | f>c'b>a g>fe>f |[1 (3gdb (3gdB G2 dc :|[2 g2 b2 g2 B2 ||
|: b>gf>e ^d>fB>c' | b>ag>f e>fg>^g | a>fe>d ^c>eA>g | f>ed>^c d>^de>f |
g>dB>G F>G=F>G | E>Gc>e g>ed>c | B>c^c>d D>_E=E>F |[1 (3GDB (3GDB, G,2 B2 :|[2 G2 [B2D2] [G2B,2] dc ||
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Two comments

This is from J.Scott Skinner, discovered on his dedicated site:

I’ve also found a clearer version on another site that I can’t find back for the moment, in spite of a long search.
Not that difficult to play ; the [c’]s are always performed with the fo(u)rth finger, with a short glissando towards the [b]s. At least, this is what was on the original sheets. However, the version here is a bit more friendly, with a 2x quicker feet.
I first made it for myself, and I think it’s now easier to read and work, then I post it simplified. Hope the ABCs are not so bad. 😉

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