Thirty-nine recordings of The Roaring Barmaid

Also known as Mrs. Oswald’s Favourite, The Roarin Barmaid, The Roaring Bar Maid, Tony O’Sullivan’s.

This tune has been recorded together with The Banks Of Lough Gowna (a few times), The Butlers Of Glen Avenue (a few times), Calum’s Road (a few times), Hip Agus Hop (a few times), The Kerfunten (a few times), Out On The Ocean (a few times), Simon Thoumire’s (a few times), An Phis Fhliuch, Andy Hehir’s, The Ballydesmond, Bill Sullivan’s, The Cock And The Hen, The Donegal Lass, Drag Her Round The Road, Goldies, The Haunted House, The Humours Of Glendart, The Jigermyster, Jim Ward’s, John Naughton’s, Johnny’s, Joy Go With My Love, Julie’s, Larry O’Gaff’s, The Leitrim Fancy, The Lisnagun, Manus Lunny’s Terracotta Plower Pop, Miss Catherine Jane Sprees, Miss Isabella Robertson’s, The Old Favourite, Paddy Ryan’s Dream, Return To The Stewartry, The Road To Banff, Rory MacLeod, Sarah MacIntyre’s, Scatter The Mud, The Scotsman Over The Border, Siney Crotty’s, Sliabh Russell, The Sunset, The Swallowtail, The Swan, The Tenpenny Bit, Tommy Coen’s, The Torrid Romance, Tyrell’s Pass, Wes And Maggie’s Ceili Croft, Willie Coleman’s, Winnie Hayes’.

  1. All In Good Time by Pat Tierney
  2. Are You Willing? by Tabache
  3. Beyond The Borders by Brandon Vance, Mark Minkler
  4. Buzzin’ by Bumblebees
  5. Coast by kejafi
  6. Dance for Joy! by Reel of Seven
  7. Darach by The Bonnie Loch Fiddlers
  8. Electric Céilí by Electric Céilí
  9. Fiddle Fair: Declan McCarthy’s, Baltimore by Various Artists
  10. Force 6 (Increasing Gale 9) by Windy Gyle Band
  11. Fused by Michael McGoldrick
  12. Go For It by Deirin De
  13. Gotta Dance! by Reel of Seven
  14. Grapevine by Elvie Miller And Naomi Morse
  15. Halali by Halali
  16. How’s The Craic? by Gary Innes
  17. In Stitches by The Flying Toads
  18. Irish Guitar by Patsy O’Brien
  19. It’s About Time.. by Calum MacKinnon
  20. Live: Rough Around The Edges by Syncopaths
  21. Mancunia by Ducie
  22. Music In The Glen by Kennedy’s Kitchen
  23. One that Got Away by Trail West
  24. Otherworld by Lúnasa
  25. Relative Minors by Qristina And Quinn Bachand
  26. Rhymes & Reasons by Catherine Fraser And Duncan Smith
  27. Stoneybatter Band by Stoneybatter Band
  28. Sully’s Fancy by Tony Sullivan
  29. The Madrid Sessions by Philippe Barnes And Tom Phelan
  30. The Next One by Four Leaf Peat
  31. The Pleasures Of Hope by Alex Reidinger
  32. The River That Runs Below by Blackthorn Band
  33. The Rolling Waves by Shindig
  34. The Tunes by Face The West
  35. The Wishing Stone by Face The West
  36. Thewhistler Podcast 2009/10 by Thewhistler
  37. To an Isle in the Water by Brisk
  38. Whispering Sounds by Lonradh
  39. Wind by Hanz Araki