A March For Giving Thanks march

Also known as The Turkey’s Apology For A Lack Of Presence, The Turkey’s Apology For Lack Of Presence, The Turkey’s Apology For Missing Dinner, The Turkey’s Apology.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: A March For Giving Thanks
R: march
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:DE|F2 DF A2 FA|Bc dB A2 FA|B>c dB AF DF|EF/E/ ED E2 DE|
F2 DF A2 FA|Bc dB A2 FA|B>c dB Ad fd|1 ef/e/ dc d2:|2 ef/e/ dc d>A de||
fA df eA ce|d>e fd A2 dc|B>c dB AF DF|E>F ED E2 de|
fA d>f eA c2|dd/e/ fd A2 dc|B>c dB Ad fd|ea c/d/e/c/ d2 a>g|
fa d/e/f/d/ ea c/d/e|dd/e/ f/e/d/B/ A2- A2|B>c dB AF D2|E>F ED EF/E/ DE|
F2 D/E/F/G/ A2 FA|Bc d/c/B A3 F|B>c dB Ad fd|e>b ac d2||
X: 2
T: A March For Giving Thanks
R: march
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:DE|F2 DF A2 FA|Bc dB A2 FA|Bc dB AF DF|EF ED E2 DE|
F2 DF A2 FA|Bc dB A2 FA|Bc dB Ad fd|eA ce d2:|
|:dA|fA df eA ce|de fd A2 dc|Bc dB AF DF|EF ED E2 dA|
[1 fA df eA c2|d>e fd A2 dc|Bc dB AF D2|EF ED E2:|
[2 F2 DF A2 FA|Bc dB A2 FA|Bc dB Ad fd|ea ce d2||

Twelve comments

“A Thanksgiving” ~ for friends and family and the kindness & generosity of strangers

We recieved a string of cartoons today having to do with turkeys. One showed a blind farmer walking through a flock of turkeys with an axe in his hand. The turkeys were all going “MOOOOO!” There were several others. So, from friends we’ve been reminded that in North America today is ‘Thanksgiving Day’. I remember the tale of the native Americans helping the settlers with wisdom like burying fish with your seed, as a fertilizer ~ or something like that. I may have gotten that confused?

This is in part for Ben Hall, but also for the likes of Kilfarboy and Will and Reverend Pete and Hiro and Kenny and Mark and Chris and Blaine and Pippa and Jan and Llig (?!) and ~ the many kindnesses I’ve seen on site here, which far outnumber the nasties we’re capable of when we’re in a bad mood or less than human. It came to me as I was playing a string of other tunes, this just popping into my head, and it came out in F. I thought, well, yeah, flat, but I didn’t think it would be kind to have to detune fiddles, the G string dropped to F, and high F, well, that would mean, you know ~ 😏 So, I’ve transposed it to D, which makes it accessible from most instruments, and I’ll add a low G here later, as I loved that rumble of the low F…

Thanks! ~ Go raibh mile ma’agat!

A friend in the digital quagmire ~ ‘c’

~ and Jeremy too, much appreciated ~ he deserves this seperate mention… 😉

“The Thanksgiving March” ~ pre-existant 😏

S: “O’Neill’s Music of Ireland: 1850 Melodies”, 1903, page 10, #55
S: “O’Neill’s Irish Music”, 1915, page 16, #13
Key signature: G Major
Submitted on November 25th 2008 by mrkelahan

I should have checked sources, and figured that in North America they’d already have a “Thanksgiving March”. I’m surprised Sousa hasn’t one too. So, I will have to rething the title for this one. I named it rashly, as it was without a name, which is unusual for me, and then I got that email of cartoons…

~ and Urs and Paddy and Joan and Bill (who sent me the cartoons) and Frank and Peter and Paul and the Marys and ~ constant inspiration… 😉 (* the list in my heart is a long one…)

A few simple options ~

A-part, bar 4 ~ | EF/E/ EF/E/ EF/E/ D/E/F/G/ | ~

B-part, bars 1 & 5 ~| f>A df e>A c/d/e/c/ |
~ or that last beat could continue up to f ~ c/d/e/f/

& the last bar ~ | e>a ce d2 |] ~ or ~ | a>e c/d/e/c/ d2 |]

~ or ~ | ea A>c d2 |] ~ these options can also work with the final bar of the A-part…

( This bit got lopped off in the cut-and-paste. 😏 )

For Giving / Forgiving

November 27th approaches, tomorrow, and a friend reminds me through humour that it is ‘Thanksgiving Day’. I’m a sop, I like the idea, as I do ‘Remembrance Sunday’. I also welcome any excuse for a bit of music, and like knocking back shots I start knocking back tunes, also intoxicating for me ~ to friends ~ past, present and absent ~ though always there in thought and music… I know, premature, I started off yesterday morning. I’ve a lot to be thankful for, a long list… That’s where this tune took hold, in between others. In a pause, while finding this as comfortable as a properly sized old boot or shoe (I have ‘fat’ feet) I couldn’t find a place for it amongst the marches I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. So, here I was possessed again and needing a name. That isn’t usually a problem, but, as said, the list is long and, though I did try, I couldn’t pull just one name or event out of the hat to dedicate it to. I feel blessed by that, whatever else I might moan about, like my too frequent semi-conscious states. I’ve had a lot of nice things happen lately, including, over the last couple of weeks, me in recovery 😉 ~ and that includes some very welcome and enjoyable emails. A fair sampling of those were from ‘Someone At The Session’… No, at the time I didn’t consider ‘Someone At The Session’ as a title… Sometimes overdoing things like celebration and introspection, and starting my ‘Thanks Giving’ early, and planning to continue for the whole week, I thought that something straight forward and direct would suit it for a title. That first rash result was to simply call this “A Thanksgiving March”. But, and a visit here and another email from ‘Someone’, let me know that the title was already in use. I know, you’d think I’d have checked first, that holiday being special to Americans. I admitted ‘rash’. I should have figured that title had already been taken and in use long before I ever cracked wind and smiled. So, I’ve settled on this ~ “A March for Giving Thanks”. Why? ~ because, and appropriately, I love it that ‘Forgiving’ is in the middle of that ‘Thanks’… I don’t know about you, and it isn’t easy for me, less so for my dear wife, but I try to keep the door at least ajar, including for the fresh air, and I try to keep some time spare just in case I’ve either been less than considerate or someone else needs an ear…

Here are some of the other possibilities considered, remembering the cartoons that started this were all about turkeys avoiding the axe (having been on the swinging end of the act) ~

“The Turkey’s Apology for Lack of Presence”
“The Turkey’s Apology for a Lack of Presence”
“The Turkey’s Apology for Missing Dinner”
“The Turkey’s Apology”
“A Grateful Reply”
“The Fray Bentos” 😎

“A March For Giving Thanks” ~ a reduction ~ sans > & /

X: 2
T: A March For Giving Thanks
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: march
K: Dmaj
|: DE |\
F2 DF A2 FA | Bc dB A2 FA | Bc dB AF DF | EF ED E2 DE |
F2 DF A2 FA | Bc dB A2 FA | Bc dB Ad fd | eA ce d2 :|
|: dA |\
fA df eA ce | de fd A2 dc | Bc dB AF DF | EF ED E2 dA |
[1 fA df eA c2 | d>e fd A2 dc | Bc dB AF D2 | EF ED E2 :|
[2 F2 DF A2 FA | Bc dB A2 FA | Bc dB Ad fd | ea ce d2 |]

Discussion: PLEASE help with this March title?

# Posted by whiste 15/12/2012

K: DMaj
|: a>g |\
fa df eA ce | d>e fd Ad c=c | B>c dB AF DF | E>E EE E2 DE |
F2 DF A2 FA | B>c dB A2 FA | B>c dB Ad fd | ef/e/ dc d2 :|

& by comparison, with adjustments taken from different takes and other possibilities 😉 :

K: DMaj
|: a>g |\
fA df eA ce | d>e fd A2 dc | B>c dB AF DF |
[1 E>F ED E2 de | fA d>f eA cc/e/ | dd/e/ fd A2 dc | B>c dB Ad fd | ea c/d/e/c/ d2 :|
[2 E>F EF EF/E/ DE | F2 D/E/F/G/ A>D F/G/A | B>c d/c/B/d/ A>DFA | B/c/d d>B Ad fd | eA ce d2 |]

Great tune!

Ceolachan, Im giving YOU a march for many thanks, for finding this tune for me that is.

I enjoyed your take on it whiste, especially that drop down from c# to c natural in the second bar.