The Thanksgiving polka

Also known as The Thanksgiving March, Toirbeirt Buideac.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: The Thanksgiving
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
"G" (g>f)|"C" (ed) (BA)|"G" (G<E) (DE)|G2 G>A|G2 (GA)|
"G" (Bc) (de)|(d<B) (AG)|"D" A2 A>B|A2 (g>f)|
"C" (ed) (BA)|"G" (G<E) (DE)|(Gg) (fe)|d3 e|
"G" (dB) (AG)|"C" E2 ({G}F>D)|"G" G4-|G2 (G>A)||
"G" B2 d2|"C" (e>f) ({a}ge)|"G" (d/g/)z (B/d/)z|G3 A|
"G" B2 d2|"C" (e/g/)z (f/a/)z|"G" g4-|g2 (g>a)|
"G" (ba) (gf)|"C" e2 (g>e)|"G" (dB) (GB)|"D" A2 (B>c)|
"G" (dB) (AG)|"C" E2 ({G}F>D)|"G" G4-|G2||
X: 2
T: The Thanksgiving
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
ed BA|G<E DE|G2 G>A|G2 GA|
Bc de|d<B AG|A2 A>B|A2 g>f|
ed BA|G<E DE|Gg fe|d3e|
dB AG|E2 F>D|G4-|G2||
B2 d2|e>f ge|d/g/z B/d/z|G3 A|
B2 d2|e/g/z f/a/z|g4-|g2 g>a|
ba gf|e2 g>e|dB GB|A2 B>c|
dB AG|E2 F>D|G4-|G2||

Two comments

"The Thanksgiving"

Well, getting ready for the start of the holiday season and found this at a website called ‘Breizh Partitions’ ( ) that can also be found by following the links at ‘Mix O’Lydian’s’ site ( ). It’s listed as a march of Irish origins. I thought it would make a nice slow piece for turkey and fixin’s with family and friends?

Any information regarding this tune would be welcome.

Thanks ‘Mix’!

"Thanksgiving" ~ the history bit ~ Captain Francis O’Neill

X: 2
T: Thanksgiving
S: "O’Neill’s Music of Ireland: 1850 Melodies", 1903, page 10, #55
S: "O’Neill’s Irish Music", 1915, page 16, #13
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
R: air
N: ”Tenderly”
K: Gmaj
g>f |\
ed BA | G<E DE | G2 G>A | G2 GA |
Bc de | d<B AG | A2 A>B | A2 g>f |
ed BA | G<E DE | Gg fe | d3e |
dB AG | E2 F>D | G4- | G2 ||
G>A |\
B2 d2 | e>f ge | d/g/z B/d/z | G3 A |
B2 d2 | e/g/z f/a/z | g4- | g2 g>a |
ba gf | e2 g>e | dB GB | A2 B>c |
dB AG | E2 F>D | G4- | G2 |]

The Fiddler’s Companion ~ Andrew Kuntz
"Thanksgiving" ~ R: air

THANKSGIVING (Toirbeirt Buideac). Irish-American, Air (2/4 time, "tenderly"). G Major. Standard. AB. Composed by fiddler James O’Neill (b. 1863, originally from County Down & Belfast), who, when a sergeant in the Chicago police force in the first decade of the twentieth century collaborated with Captain Francis O’Neill (no relation) on Music of Ireland. In Irish Folk Music O’Neill states it was an “old Irish strain” elaborated by James. O’Neill…

( Well, it seems like I’ll need to find another name for that other march… It figures that as a title ‘Thanksgiving’ would have already been used in America. I should have checked the name first before using it… 😉 )