Last Of The Starrs waltz

By Brian Finnegan

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Last Of The Starrs
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
D2 A2 d2-|d6|G2 d2 f2|B4 f2|d4 A2|F6|E2 F2 A2|D6|
D2 A2 d2-|d6|G2 d2 f2|B4 za|f2 d4|A>B F3 E/D/|E2 F2 A>F|d6-|d4 d2||
a2 f2 B2|a2 f2 {A}Bd|a2 f2 B2|B2 d2 a2|G2 B2 d2|A2 c2 d>c|B2 d2 e>d|f4 g>b|
a2 f2 {A}Bd|a2 f2 B>d|a2 f2 B2|B2 d2 a2|G2 B2 d2|A2 c2 d2|B2 d2 e>d|f4 g2|
f4- ff/g/|e4 zf|d6-|d4 (3Gdg|f4- ff/g/|e4 f>e|d6-|d6||
X: 2
T: Last Of The Starrs
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
"D"D2 A2 d2-|"D"d6|"G" G2 d2 "Bm" f2|"Bm"B6|"Bm" f2 d4|"D"A2 F4|"A"E2 F2 A2|"G"D6|
"D" D2 A2 d2-|"D" d6|"G" G2 d2 "Bm" f2|"B" B4 za|"B" f2 d4|"D" A>B F3 E/D/|"A" E2 F2 A>F|"G" d6-|d4 d2||
"Bm" a2 f2 B2|"Bm" a2 f2 {A}Bd|"Bm" a2 f2 B2|"Bm" B2 d2 a2|"G" G2 B2 d2|"A"A2 c2 "Bm" d>c|"Bm"B2 d2 "A" e>d|"D" f4 "G" g>b|
"Bm" a2 f2 {A}Bd|"Bm" a2 f2 B>d|"Bm" a2 f2 B2|"Bm" B2 d2 a2|"G" G2 B2 d2|"A" A2 c2 d2|"B" B2 d2 e>d|"D" f4 g2|
"D" f4- ff/g/|"A" e4 zf|"G" d6-|"G" d4 (3Gdg|"Bm" f4- ff/g/|"A" e4 f>e|"G"d6-|d6||

Eight comments

This is a beautiful slow air written by Brian Finnegan of Flook, and I heard it played expertly on a video from Phil Hardy’s website.

I’m hoping my transcription is accurate, though I probably left out some ornaments here and there.

I’ll do my best to do less Flook in the future, but I couldn’t help it with this one…

Here’s Brian and Ed playing it:

Good transcript, nothing over the top at all Joseph. You might want to consider this change for those two bars in the last line ~ rather than | f5 f/g/ | ~ consider this ~ | f4- ff/g/ | … I also enjoyed the link, thanks…

New Record

Here is another record of Brian playing this beautiful waltz
together with William Coulter. Have a look. It’s so breathtaking.

Brian says in one video of him playing this tune that it was written for his grandmother, whose maiden name was "Stars", and she was the last of the Stars children to pass away.
On Brian’s new album, it’s written as "Starrs" though- This may be a misspelling, or their name might be spelled Starrs.


What is:

D|Eeed e2 BA|GBAF GFEF|Dddc d2 AF|GBAG FDDF|Eeed efge|fedf edBA|
GABG FGA=c|BGAF GE E :||gfef (3gfe be|gebe gfef|d2 fd adfd|ABAG FDDF|
(3GGG BG (3FFF AF|Eeef gfed|B2 dB AGFA|BGAF GE E :|

I’m used to standard music notation. I first noticed it when looking for the Brian finnegan walz stars.