Anderson’s jig

Also known as Anderson’s Jigge.

There are 3 recordings of this tune.

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Three settings

X: 1
T: Anderson's
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:A|d2f edc|dAF DFA|BAG AGF|EFG ABc|
def edc|dAF DFA|Bgf eac|d3d2:|
|:f/g/|afd bgd|afd def|gfe fed|ecA ABc|
def edc|dAF DFA|Bgf eac|d3d2:|
X: 2
T: Anderson's
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
"D" d2 f "A7" edc|"D" dAF "D7" DFA|"G" BAG "D" AGF|"Em" EFG "A7" ABc|
"D" def "A7" edc|"D" dAF DFA|"G" B<gf "A7" e<ac|"D" d3- d:|
"D" afd "G" bgd|"D" afd def|"Em" gfe "E7" fed|"A" ecA "A7" ABc|
"D" def "A7" edc|"D" dAF DFA|"G" B<gf "A7" e<ac|"D" d3- d:|
X: 3
T: Anderson's
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
d2 f edc|dAF D2 A|B2 G AGF|EE/F/G ABc|
d2 f edc|dAF D2 A|B>gf e<dc|d3- d2:|
afd bg/a/b|afd d2 f|ge/f/g fed|ecA A2 =c|
BGD dce|dAF d2 a|b>gf e<ac|d3- d2:|

Twenty-two comments

Anderson’s Jig

This tune is more properly known as “Anderson’s Jig” (the system auto-deleted the “Jig” suffix when I submitted it).

A delightful melodic tune. Not one to be rushed, I feel.

I believe it to be of Scottish origin.

Not Anderson’s Reel!

Oh dear - the system has just auto-added numerous “recordings” of this tune which I believe relate to the reel of that name!

Not Jim Anderson’s Delight!

.. Not the same as the jig: “Jim Anderson’s Delight”, either!

Might be from Shetland, not Scotland


Shetland has been part of Scotland since 1469 !

… don’t think the tune would be older than that …

If you don’t want “Jig” auto-deleted from the title you could mis-spell it as “Jigge” (not inappropriate if the tune is old).


Just noticed that you might want to edit the ABC’s for the lead-in on the turn to |: f/g/ | to get rid of the extra beat in the B part. Great jig!

Alt Name and ABCs

lazyhound - thanks for suggestion, but I don’t believe that this tune dates back to to the spelling of “jig” as “jigge”. So unless there is some evidence of the use of this spelling in respect of this tune, I don’t really think that “Anderson’s Jigge” should have been submitted as an alternative name.

mrkelahan - thanks for your comment regarding my abc submission.

However, I would like to point out that the abc that I submitted added up exactly to 32 bars. As submitted by me, the lead-in of the “A” part consisted of a quaver rest plus an “A” quaver.

Presumably, Jeremy decided that a quaver rest at the beginning of the tune was pointless, and removed it. However, the quaver rest is not pointless, as (apart from being necessary for the beat count) it is relevant when you are repeating the tune, and does impact on the character of it.

I could of course edit the abc, and put the quaver rest back in again. But why should I? It wasn’t my mistake! And even if I did, the system would not auto-correct the sheet music.

… And the system is still showing a list of “false recordings”.

Glad that you liked the tune, though! Plenty more where that came from! The question is, do I really want to bother, given the hassle that I had with the submission of this one …

C: Carol Cook ~ the composer ~ any other news out there?

Does anyone know anything about the composer ‘Carol Cook’ or about the dedication to ‘Anderson’?

This is one we used to play, with minor differences…

“Anderson’s Jig” ~ a John Chambers’ transcription

John Chambers has two transcriptions for this online, one in C and the following in D, offered up here for comparison, with suggested chords ~

X: 1
T: Anderson’s Jig
C: Carol Cook
Z: John Chambers
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: D
|: zA |\
“D” d2 f “A7” edc | “D” dAF “D7” DFA | “G” BAG “D” AGF | “Em” EFG “A7” ABc |
“D” def “A7” edc | “D” dAF DFA | “G” B<gf “A7” e<ac | “D” d3- d :|
|: fg |\
“D” afd “G” bgd | “D” afd def | “Em” gfe “E7” fed | “A” ecA “A7” ABc |
“D” def “A7” edc | “D” dAF DFA | “G” B<gf “A7” e<ac | “D” d3- d :|

“Anderson’s Jig” ~ now for something a little different

X: 3
T: Anderson’s Jig
C: Carol Cook
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: D
|: A |\
d2 f edc | dAF D2 A | B2 G AGF | EE/F/G ABc |
d2 f edc | dAF D2 A | B>gf e<dc | d3- d2 :|
|: f/g/ |\
afd bg/a/b | afd d2 f | ge/f/g fed | ecA A2 =c |
BGD dce | dAF d2 a | b>gf e<ac | d3- d2 :|

Tune Source

Ceol - interesting - but I personally know nothing about a Carol Cook or an Anderson connection. Here’s how the tune came to me:

A couple of years ago I helped out as a stand-in musician with one of our local ceilidh bands, after their lead musician died suddenly.

It turned out to be quite a tough call, as I’d not played with them before and I also had to lead the tunes as well, as none of the remaining musicians was confident about leading! Notwithstanding these difficulties, the event was a big success, and they all said that their late friend would have been pleased with the way it went. Which was nice, given the unhappy circumstances.

This event also sticks in my mind because almost every one of the dancers was wearing a cowboy hat!

Afterwards, the caller (who always worked with that band) gave me a photocopy of their late lead musician’s handwritten tune collection.

Anderson’s Jig was one of the tunes in that collection.

(I understand that this band has since folded).

Key of C?

Ceol - just noticed - you said “one in C, and the following in D”

Aren’t the two that you posted both in D?

“Anderson’s Jig” ~ a popular dance tune & the key of C

Yes, C is just another key it is played in. I kept to D so that the tunes could be compared more easily, and I’ve never played it in C myself… The one person I knew who played it in C was a piano accordion player, R.S.C.D.S. “Anderson’s Jig” was not uncommon in sets of jigs for dance, and also used in New England, contra dance, probably via the Scottish crossovers…

The C transcript, with chords, and also courtesy of John Chambers, can be found online…

Hmmm, I take it back, yes, I have played it in C, with that very same piano accordion player… 😏

For a laugh, since we’re sharing stories Mix, this particular piano accordion player never played the black keys… 😀

Never played the black keys?

But did he play such tunes as Black Rogue, Black Nag, Black Joke etc.? 😉

Anderson’s Jig is written by Carol Cook

The tune “Anderson’s Jig” is composed by Carol Cook, a musician from (I believe) in Chicago. It was written in key of C. It is published in the RSCDS Book 39 dance collection (Royal Scottish Country Dance Society).

Thanks BP… Why does your handle make me think of bubble wrap? ~ ‘blisterpeanuts’…


This jig was composed by Carol Cook when she was a child, living in Edinburgh. She was in grammar school, and supposedly doing her homework but instead she wrote the tune.
She now lives in Chicago and is a professional classical string player
Sylvia Miskoe