Kulsko Horo polka

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One setting

X: 1
T: Kulsko Horo
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Amin
|:"Am"A A d/e/e|"G"d/c/B/G/ "Am"AA/E/|A A d/e/e|"G"d/c/B/G/ "Am"A2:|
|:"Dm"d/c/B/A/ "Am"d/e/e/A/|"G"d/c/B/G/ "Am"AA/E/|"G"d/c/B/A/ "Am"d/e/e/A/|"G"e/c/B/G/ "Am"A2:|
|:"C"^f/g/g/c/ ee/c/|^f/g/g/c/ e e|"G"d/e/f f/e/f/g/|"C"a/g/^f/g/ e2:|
|:"Am"A A d/e/e|"G"d/c/B/G/ "Am"AA/E/|A A d/e/e|"G"d/c/B/G/ "Am"A2:|
|:"Gm"f/e/d/^c/ ^c>B|B/A/G ^c/d/d|f/e/d/^c/ ^c>B|B/A/G/d/ G2:|
|:"Gm"B/G/B/d/ ^c>B|B/A/A/G/ ^c/d/d|"Gm"B/G/B/d/ "A"^c>B|"D"B/A/G/d/ "Gm"G2:|

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Kulsko Horo

This is a horo from Macedonia or Bulgaria as played by Sláinte and other Swiss trad bands. I think it is a tune for the gaida (pipes) which is fully chromatic.
I know it is not really Irtrad, but it is fun to play and was played in sessions here already…

L: ?

Perhaps you want L: 1/4? L: 1/8 doesn’t add up to a meter of 4/4.

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Sorry, I’ve corrected it to the right mesure now.

Finally, a Bulgarian tune that doesn’t have a demented rhythm!

Joe , maybe the musicans in the areas where these tunes come from think, it is a pretty stupid ryth, but for us poor gusy it is hard enough to follow the strange modal changes 😉

I recently picked up a great recording of this tune from a Balkan group known as the “Zornitsa Orchestra”, and the parts seem pretty different after the second part, though.