The Old Woman’s Dance jig

By Donald MacLeod

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Old Woman's Dance
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amix
|:dGB AAA|GBg gfg|aee ege|dBd edB|
dGB AAA|GBg gfg|aee ege|dGB AAA:|
|:aaa Aaa|eaa ged|eag GBe|dBd edB|
aaa Aaa|eaa ged|aee ege|dGB AAA:|
|:dGB AAA|GBe dee|age gBe|deg age|
dGB AAA|GBe deg|aee ege|dGB AAA:|
|:aee gee|dee aee|gdd edd|Bdd gdd|
aee gee|deg aAa|gee ege|dGB AAA:|

Three comments

Composed by Donald MacLeod and available in the 2nd of his pipe collections

This is recorded also on trk3 of John Wilsons ‘the worlds greatest piper vol 5’

Re: The Old Woman’s Dance does it again. This tune has been haunting me ever since I heard Brighde Chaimbeul play this on her unbelievable “ Reeling “ release. I’ve got the memory of a gold fish at times and tunes surface and go and float around and every now and then I do something positive like sit down and try and learn them. This has been in that camp for far too long. I have just had a major lovein with Brigdhe’s piping on youtube and was suddenly struck with the notion to try finding this here. Why hadn’t I done it before?! Memory of a goldfish, so it goes. Thanks Borderpiper for posting this.