Soggy’s slip jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Soggy's
R: slip jig
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
E2E cEB BAE|F2F BFA AFE|F2F BAB cef|a2f ecB BAF|
E2E cEB BAE|F2F B2c AFE|F2F BAB cef|a2f ecB A3:|
D2D FGA AGF| G2 G EGA BAG|A2e dec eBe |AGF EFG A3|
D2D FGA AGF| G2 G EGA BAG|Ace dec eBe |AGF EFG A3:|

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A wonderful slip jig

found on Liam Bradley and Damian McKee’s Irish dance recording Irish Dancer — a really fun recording *highly recommended*

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If you ever play with dancers, play this one and they will love you 🙂

C: ?

Several reason, but obviously a ‘newish’ composition, it would be good to at least give the composer’s name with this submission… I think most of Beoga’s content is self-composed, by one member or the other, but I haven’t any of their recordings to confirm who composed this on.

“Soggy’s Slip Jig”/”Waterboogie” from “Beoga: A Lovely Madness”

Soggy’s Slip Jig

Uploaded - by Kate - on 31 Oct 2008
Modern slip jig dance performance by Kate Spanos (choreography by Michael Ryan) for MA in Traditional Irish Dance Performance, University of Limerick. Performance at the Performing Arts Centre at the University of Limerick on 27 November 2007.


FWIW, the text with the video below states,

"Soggy’s Slip Jig was wrote by Seán Óg Graham, a young button accordionist from Co. Antrim, Ireland. He has won all-Ireland championships as well as appearing numerously on Irish television."