One recording of a tune named
The Irish Washerwoman
With a tune named
Saint Anne’s

The Irish Washerwoman (jig) is also known as An Bhean Níocháin Éireannach, The Big, Corporal Casey, Do Virgins Taste Better?, Haste To The Wedding, The Irish Woman, The Wash Woman, The Washing Woman.

Saint Anne’s (reel) is also known as Reel De Ste. Anne, Saint Ann’s, Saint-Anne’s, Sainte Agathe, St Ann’s, St Anne, St Anne’s, St Annes, St. Anne, St. Anne’s, St. Annes.

Take It from the Top! by Daniel Lapp & B.C. Fiddle Orchestra

  1. Mary Christmas
  2. Irish Washerwoman
  3. St. Anne’s