Over The Bridge To Peggy reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Over The Bridge To Peggy
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmix
d>AAB c>dBA | G>EEB c2Bc | d>AAB c>dBA | GEcE EDD2 :|
d>ffa a>baf | e>def g2fe | d>ffa a>baf | d>faf [e2A2][e2A2] |
dffa a>baf | e>def g2fg | a>fge fded | cAGE D2D2 ||

Four comments

Over the Bridge to Peggy

This is an attractive single reel I came across in Roche a few weeks ago. I’ve played it in a couple of sessions since.

It’s not really all that close to a tune of the same name in O’Neill’s "1001", but it is possible the two may have had a common source. I feel it may have come from the North rather than the South, and possibly from Donegal, but I’d appreciate an expert’s comment.

The tune has a certain joyful lilt to it (which may explain the title). The transcription in Roche consistently slurs a sixteenth note to a following eighth note of the same pitch (bars 1-3 of the A part, and bars 1 and 3 of the B part), and also slurs the two f#’s in bar 5 of the B part. If bowed like this it gives an unusual syncopated swing to the tune. I don’t whether it would have been played literally in that manner. Perhaps the slurs do indeed indicate the bowing but the player’s intention might have been to distinguish by accent or otherwise that the two notes in each slur were distinct.

The c in the last bar of the B part is indicated by Roche as a note that would be played 1/4 tone sharp - halfway between c-nat and c#.

The two-note chords at the end of bar 4 of the B part are my own input; the original was e2e2.

A tune that I think could go nicely with it would be "Touch Me If You Dare", Ador in Roche’s transcription, and not all that close to the version currently on the database here, so it might be worth a separate submission.

This tune should be listed in Dmix - I find that to be the dominant tonality rather than Ador - but you could play it however you want.

Class tune name by the way.

Over the Bridge to Peggy

Thanks. I’ve changed it to Dmix.