Four recordings of
The Knotted Cord
The Hunter’s Purse

The Knotted Cord (reel) is also known as The Bangor, Bridie Morley, Bridie Morley’s, Bridie Morley’s Favourite, Jr Crehan’s Favourite, Junior Crehan’s, Junior Crehan’s Favourite, The Knot On The Cord, The Knotted Chord.

The Hunter’s Purse (reel) is also known as An Sceach, An Sgeach, The Bush, The Five Leafed Clover, The Five-Leaved Clover, The Haymaker, Hetty’s Wishes, Hunters Purse, The Hunters Purse, The India, The Indian On The Rock, Seamrog Na Cuig Duille.

Farewell To Ireland CD 2 (Of A Box Set Of 4) by Various Artists

  1. Bridie Morley’s
  2. The Hunter’s Purse

From Galway To Dublin: Early Recordings Of Traditional Irish Music by Various Artists

  1. The Knotted Cord
  2. The Hunter’s Purse

The Banks of Newfoundland by Various Artists

  1. Knotted Cord
  2. Hunter’s Purse

The Music And Life Of John McKenna (The Buck From The Mountain) - Disc 2 by John McKenna

  1. The Knotted Cord
  2. The Hunter’s Purse