Fifty-three recordings of a tune named
The Banks

Also known as The Bank, The Great Western Lancashire Clog, The Lancashire Clog, Mrs. Taff, Souvenir De Venice.

A tune by this name has been recorded together with Dean Brig O’ Edinburgh (a few times), Eugene Stratton (a few times), Madame Neruda (a few times), The Trumpet (a few times), Arthur’s Seat (a few times), Galway Bay (a few times), Minnie Foster’s (a few times), Compliments To Sean Maguire, The Duke Of Fife’s Welcome To Deeside, The Golden Eagle, Hiawatha, Higgin’s, In Memory Of Coleman, Jessie Smith, Ladies’ 2nd Choice, Pirate’s, The Pleasures Of Home, The Pleasures Of Hope, The Poppy Leaf, Pound Hill, The Recluse, Reichswall Forest, The Second Star, Spellan’s Inspiration, The Sunshine, The Weeping Birches Of Kilmorack.

  1. 1982 by Willie Hunter And Violet Tulloch
  2. Cape Breton Fancy by Carl MacKenzie
  3. Caught & Released by Pete Clark and Gregor Lowrey
  4. Drimalost And Beyond - CD 2 of 2 by Danny Meehan
  5. Farewell To Ireland by Patrick Mangan
  6. Flame On The Banks by Maeve Donnelly
  7. Folktrax-375: Mason’s Apron - The Belfast Fiddle Sessions by Tom Turkington, Sean Maguire, Sean Maguire Senior, Liam Donnelly, Bill Montgomery
  8. From Shetland by Trevor Hunter
  9. Half-Set In Harlem by De Dannan
  10. Highly Strung by Alistair McCulloch
  11. Humours Of Lissadell by Seamus And Manus McGuire
  12. Irish Jigs And Reels by Michael Coleman
  13. It’s A Hard Road To Travel by Andy McGann And Paul Brady
  14. Kebister Head by Bryan Gear And Violet Tulloch
  15. Live From Gatineau, Quebec by Leahy
  16. Milestone At The Garden by Irish Fiddle Masters From The 78 RPM Era
  17. No Songs by Martin Carthy And Dave Swarbrick
  18. Northern Banjo by Ken Pearlman
  19. Northern Melodies: From New England, Quebec, Cape Breton, Scotland & Shetland by George Wilson
  20. Orkney Twister by Saltfishforty
  21. Out West by Mick Doherty And Robert Zielinski
  22. Over The Sea To Skye: The Celtic Connection by James Galway And The Chieftains
  23. Portrait Of A Scottish Jew’s Harp Player by Lindsay Porteous and Friends
  24. Potsticks by Sean Moloney
  25. Scottish Violin Music from Cape Breton Island by Joseph Cormier
  26. Sean Keane by Sean Keane
  27. Sean Maguire, Celtic Fiddle by Sean McGuire
  28. Sean Maguire, Volume One by Sean McGuire
  29. Seán McGuire and Roger Sherlock: Two Champions by Sean McGuire, Roger Sherlock, Josephine Keegan
  30. Selections From Byker Hill, But Two Came By, No Songs by Martin Carthy And Dave Swarbrick
  31. Sounds From The Edge : Traditional Irish Tunes On The Boehm System Flute : CD1 by Tom Greene
  32. The Angel’s Share by Atlantic Wave
  33. The Dances Down Home by Joe Cormier
  34. The Dawn by Shaskeen
  35. The Dusty Bridge by Fergal Scahill
  36. The Floating Bowhand by Jim McKillop
  37. The House by Dennis Botzer
  38. The Mighty Box by Luke Daniels
  39. The Morning Mist by Joe Burke
  40. The New Blackthorn Stick by Andy Lamy
  41. The Pleasures Of Hope by Harry Bradley And Michael Clarkson
  42. The Silver Bow: The Fiddle Music of Shetland by Tom Anderson & Aly Bain
  43. The Strathspey King by James Scott Skinner
  44. The Two Side of Pat Mac by Pat McNamara
  45. The Very Best Of Sean McGuire by Sean McGuire
  46. The Yellow Haired Laddie by Andy May
  47. Traditional Music Of Ireland by Joe Burke
  48. Traditional Music Of Ireland And The Bucks Of Oranmore by Joe Burke And Charlie Lennon
  49. Traditional Scottish Fiddling by Various Artists
  50. Tru The Years by Jim McKillop
  51. Velvet Arm Golden Hand by Joseph Cormier And J.P Cormier
  52. Winston “Scotty” Fitzgerald: House Parties And 78s by Winston ‘Scotty’ Fitzgerald
  53. Yankee Dreams by Frank Ferrel And Friends