Four recordings of a tune named
The Banks
With a tune named
The Trumpet

The Banks (hornpipe) is also known as The Bank, The Great Western Lancashire Clog, The Lancashire Clog, Mrs. Taff, Souvenir De Venice.

The Trumpet (hornpipe) is also known as Captain Pugwash, The Theme Tune For Captain Pugwash, The Thunder, The Trumpeter.

Introduction by Dwayne Cote

  1. The Dean Brig O’Edinburgh
  2. The Banks
  3. The Trumpet

Northern Melodies: From New England, Quebec, Cape Breton, Scotland & Shetland by George Wilson

  1. Holmes’
  2. The Trumpet
  3. The Banks

Scottish Violin Music from Cape Breton Island by Joseph Cormier

  1. The Glories Of The Star
  2. The Banks
  3. The Trumpet

Winston "Scotty" Fitzgerald: House Parties And 78s by Winston 'Scotty' Fitzgerald

  1. The Weeping Birches Of Kilmorack
  2. The Banks
  3. The Trumpet