Winnifred’s Strathspey barndance

Also known as Winifred’s.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Winnifred's Strathspey
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
DE|:G3B A2 GF|E2 DE G2AB|c3e d2 g2|dBGB A2DE/F/|
G3 B A2 GF|E2 DE G2 gf/e/|d2 GA/B/ cBAF|1 G2 GA G2 DE/F/:|2 G2 GA GABc||
|:d2 g2 B2 d2|GAB/A/G D2 A>B|cdec BdgB|cBAG A2 Bc|
d2 g2 g2 B2|cBAG E3G|D2 cB AGFA|1 G2 GA GABc :|2 G2 GA G4|]

Two comments

Title and Authorship

I think this tune is called "Winnifred’s Strathspey" and was written by Yankee Clipper band member Mark Jardine for his mother. I learned the tune about 12 years ago but had long since forgotten the name of it; so what I have done is try and make an educated guess as to which track of the Yankee Clipper album "Hauling Home" matches with the tune — but the problem is I no longer have the album, so I’m guessing just from the track titles (that I got from the internet) and the tunes as I remember them from the album. I narrowed it down to "Winnifred’s Strathspey." Because I have a hazy memory of Mark saying that he wrote the tune for his mother, I did a yahoo search on "Mark Jardine" and "Winnifred" and some links related to "winnifred jardine" popped up. Mark’s a Utahn, and I see that a white pages internet site indicates both Winnifred and Mark live in Salt Lake City. So I’m at least 80 percent sure about the name and authorship of this tune.


I really hope I’m right about the name and authorship of this tune, because I would take pleasure in knowing I might be putting a heretofore uknown but wonderful tune into circulation!