From Kerry We Did Sail waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: From Kerry We Did Sail
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
|:fB df gf|e2 ef dc|A2 AE .F/.G/A|ed Be dB|cB ca- ag|f2- ff gf|
e2 ef dc|A2 AE .F/.G/A|ed Be dB|cB ca- az|b2- ba fd|eA g2 fg|
e2 eA ce|ae cA .c/.d/e|b2 ba fd|eA g2 fg|e2 eA ce|1a4- ag:|2a6||
|:f2 bb bb|f2 bb ff|g2 bb bb|g2 bb gg|
^g2 bb bb|^g2 bb ^gg|aa bb ^aa|=aa ^gg =gg:|

Four comments

A difficult but very fun tune from Flook’s "Flatfish" album.
I’m sure exactly who wrote it, but it shouldn’t be difficult to guess…

I love the accordion backing on this one… and, it took me awhile to transcribe it.

And oh yes, I forgot, for those of you who haven’t heard this tune before, Flook plays it swung. If played straight, it tends to get pretty boring…

I first heard this waltz played by the breton band Ar Re Yaouank. I prefer their interpretation to flook’s one, but this is just my opinion

here is the tune on deezer :

Very nice, loic! Thanks for that… I personally like either one, although I’ll admit I prefer Flook’s version, but theirs is the first I heard.

A great tune, either way.