Two recordings of
The Hag’s Purse
The Colliers’

The Hag’s Purse (jig) is also known as The Butcher’s, The Hag With The Purse, The Hag’s Purse, Hags Purse, Michael Hynes’, The Old Woman Churning, The Old Woman’s Purse Of Money, The Roscommon, Seán Coughlin’s, Sparán Airgid Na Caillí, The Tulla.

The Colliers’ (reel) is also known as The Collier’s, The Colliers, Mianadóir.

Live in New York 1977 by De Dannan

  1. The Hag’s Purse
  2. Collier’s

The Gloup by Mark Roberts

  1. Elizabeth Keane’s
  2. The Hag’s Purse
  3. The Colliers