The Ballymote polka

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Ballymote
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:f/g/|af ge|fd df/g/|af g>a|be ef/g/|
af ge|fd f>e|dB A/B/d/e/|fd d:|
|:f/e/|dA FA|d>c d/e/f/e/|dA FA|BE Ef/e/|
dA FA|dg f>e|dB A/B/d/e/|fd d:|

Seven comments

Source: Music Of Sligo by Peter Horan And Fred Finn
Transciption: gian marco pietrasanta

The Ballymote (polka)

It’s a boiled-down version of the Scottish reel My Love Is But A Lassie Yet, and comes across to me as a less satisfactory tune.

(No reflection on you, gian marco!…)

As kids we used to play (and dance to) this as a simple reel. This starts with the second part and what "should be" the first changes a bit after the second high d - we went down an octave to two low D’s(crotchetts) and then shot back up to the high f’-e-d-a-F-a b -E_E
It’s a great tune for near beginers and can be played at all but very fast to give a nice break from all reels at a session. Try going into a single jig after it (con vivace) - Off she Goes (Humpty Dumpty) then The Broken Windows perhaps.
Fun for all.

eehh sorry - 4got-
After the Broken Windows go into The Bunch of Roses. - that way you’re going "up a notch" each tune and it makes it interesting and anyone disruptive enough to speed up comes a cropper on the last - in F BTW.
All 3 are found on the same page in O’Neills. - 6th page of S. Jigs if my memory serves me yet.

My Lassie is But a Love Yet?

Agreed, slainte

"My Love is but a Lassie" with some alteration of the melody and the "A" and "B" parts interchanged.

Sorry gian marco, but a feel that this one (like Lassie) is "a bit of a dog" … 😉


Had I not already known "My Love is But a Lassie", I probably would have said "Great tune" 🙂