Jack Daniels’ reel

Also known as Jack Daniel’s, Jack Daniels.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Jack Daniels'
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
a2 ea (3f=ga ec|Acaf e2 ce|fddd d2 df|eccc cB B/B/B|
a2 ea (3f=ga ec|Acaf e2 ce|f2 ec e2 fe|c2 Bd cA A/A/A:|
ecBc AcBc|Acaf e2 ce|fdcd Adcd|ABde fecd|
ecBc AcBc|Acaf e2 ce|f2 ec e2 fe|c2 Bd cA A/A/A:|

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Jack Daniels’

This is most likely to be either a Scottish or Cape Breton tune judging by the scale it uses. It is in A major despite there only being one g and that being natural. It’s a common misconception that GHB/smallpipes tunes are all in A mix (or Bb mix). They play A major tunes by missing out g altogether. The g in this tune is just a passing note and may by played as a sharp if pipes are not involved but I’ve submitted it as I learned it. I got the tune from fiddler Farquhar MacDonald.

Jack Daniels’

I’m afraid I don’t know if it’s a modern composition or a traditional tune.

Jack Daniels’

Writen by the late John Morris Rankin, Cape Breton


Although there are many ‘true’ mixolydian pipe tunes there are also quite a number which are played as major on other instruments because that is what they ‘really’ want to be, and they are only mixolydian when the player doesn’t have the option of a G#. This is just one of them.


They are only (usually) mixolydian if you use the G of course. If you don’t use the G then it can be either, (or if you use it as a passing note like in this tune) in the same way pipes play dorian/minor by leaving out the third, c#.

Jack Daniels’

Great clip, thanks for that.


this performance, by katie boyle, was shared by palethinboy on another thread, and it’s a fine illustration of variant settings. she somehow almost leaches out the ‘tuney-ness’ of it, for a savagely exhuberant rhythmic … ok, words fail. i learnt my setting from a recording titled _Party Acadien_, many of whose players went on to become the group Barachois, from Prince Edward Island, and it stays closer to the composer’s setting of the tune. But this one (it’s the 3rd reel of 3) is fantastic!

Aye, a good rendition that ‘tinamatt.