The Queen Of The West hornpipe

Also known as Sumner’s, The Toss Pot, The Tosspot, The Vermont.

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Four settings

X: 1
T: The Queen Of The West
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
uFE|:D>FAF DFA,F|"A"EGAG EGA,G|"D"FAdF "D#dim"GBec|"A"Adfd cAGC|
"D"DFAF DFA,F|"A"EGAG EGA,G|"D"FAdA "A"Ggec|1 "D"d2d2d2 FE:|2 "D"d2d2d2 ucd||
|:"A"ecAc EAce|"D"fdAd FAdf|"G".g2fg "D"efdf|"E"(3edc (3dcB "A" ABcd|
ecAc EAce|"D"fdAd FAdf|"G"gbag "A"fedc|1 "D"d2d2d2 ucd:|2 "D"d2d2d2 uFE||
X: 2
T: The Queen Of The West
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
Adfd cAGE|DFAF DFA,F|EGAG EGA,G|FAdA Bgec|d2 d2 d2:|
|:cd|ecAc EAce|fdAd FAdf|g2 fg ef df|
(3edc (3dcB ABcd|ecAc EAce|fdAd FAdf|gbag fedc|d2 d2 d2:|
X: 3
T: The Queen Of The West
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
DFAF (3DEF A,2|EGAG (3EFG A,E|FAdA Ggec|1 dedc dFFE:|2 dedc dfgf||
ec (3ABA EAce|fd (3ABA FAdf|(3gag fg efdf|(3efe (3dcB ABcd|
ec (3ABA EAce|fd (3ABA FAdf|gbag fdec|dedc dfgf|
ec (3ABA EAce|fd (3ABA FAdf|(3gag fg efdf|(3efe fg a2 (3Ace|
aece (3Ace (3gfe|fdAF (3DFA (3dfa|gbag fdec|dedc d2d2||
X: 4
T: The Queen Of The West
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmin
dc|:"Bb"Bdfd (3Bcd F2|"F"cefe (3cde F2|"Bb"dfbd "Eb"egc'e|"F"fBdf (3agf (3edc|
"Bb"Bdfd (3Bcd F2|"F"cefe (3cde F2|"Bb"dfbd "Eb"egcA|1 "Bb"B2BA BFdc:|2 "Bb"B2BA Bded||
|:"F"cA (3FGF cFAc|"Bb"dB (3FBF dFBd|"Eb"efde "Bb"cdBd|"C"(3cdc (3BAG "F"FGAB|
cA (3FGF cFAc|"Bb"dB (3FBF dFBd|"Eb"egfe "Bb"dB"F"cA|"Bb"B2BA Bded|
"F"cA (3FGF cFAc|"Bb"dB (3FBF dFBd|"Eb"e2 (3ded "Bb"(3cdc B2|
"C"(3cdc d=e "F"f3f|fcAc (3FAc (3edc|"Bb"dB (3FBF dFBd|"Eb"egfe "Bb"dB"F"cA|1 "Bb"B2BA "F"Bded:|2 "Bb"B2BA "F"BF||

Fourteen comments

Off the beaten path

Most people would say that this piece is unusual or rarely known. So if most people are saying that then …. Heck, heck I get confused easily. I learned it from a Tommy Peoples instructional Tape that came with a little book of perhaps 50 tunes.

I bumped into the tune a few years back again. It was played by an old time fiddler at a crisp breakdown speed. He looked me in the eye and bet me that I had never heard the tune before. Well I played it for him with some of those fine dotted eighths and sixtenths. I threw quite a few sigle bowed triplets and I played it at a great hornpipe pace. He just kind of sneered at me and played it again and I quote him “THE RIGHT WAY”

For insanities sake - I posted this tune “the right way” Listen to Natalie McMaster or Peoples if you want to learn it wrong like me. ;)

Zeke Backus

This one was first published in Ryan’s Mammoth Collection in 1883, where it was credited to the minstrel show fiddler Zeke Backus. Brendan McGlinchey recorded a more elaborate setting on his 1970s solo LP. It’s popularity as a session tune was revived when Sharon Shannon recorded it. She probably picked it up from Tommy Peoples.

Love dis!!

Dis tune s a lovely tune wit sum good ornements in2 ih!! 🙂

Sharon Shannon -one Queen of the West!- made it cool to play again. All she touches is gold. Long live Sharon! :- )
And bad cess to this tune! :- (

I concede that the first two bars are not just v nice but they’re enticing. It shouldn’t be an excuse to play the whole tune, though!


Published in “Köhlers’ Violin Repository Book III”.

Re: Vermont

hi Suiloir,
Thanks for posting this one! I live in Vermont and will give it a whirl. I would love to hear a recording somewhere.
Mary Anna

Re: Vermont

Hi Mary Anna,
Unfortunately I don’t know of any recording of it. Maybe someone else on the site knows of one.

Re: Vermont

I have definitely heard a recording of this, but I don’t think it was under this name. I have been scratching my head and searching through all my tunes all day. I should find it soon and will be back.

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Re: The Queen Of The West

Thanks Dargai, you saved me from going mental.

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