The Ooh Arr Of Ee Arr jig

Also known as Llig’s Hand, Y Llaw O Llig.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Ooh Arr Of Ee Arr
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|: D |GBd gdB | cBc AFD | B^AB c=AG | F/G/AF DcA |
GB/c/d g2 d | ecA F2 D | B^AB c=AF | GBA G2 :|
|: B |AFD cAF | G/A/BA GFG | AFD dAF |
[1 G/A/BA G2 D | GBd gdB | ecA FED | B3 cAF | GBA G2 :|
[2 GB/c/d g2 f | gdG ecG | dBG AFD | B^AB c=AF | G/A/BA G2 |]

Four comments

“The Ooh Arr Of Ee Arr…” - Ceolachan, you pesky troglodyte, I’m sure the ghastly summer of 2008 was superb for cider apples but this fruit of your brain - or someone else’s - more than adequately demonstrates the perils of incontinent devotion to the en

Nice tune, ceol - one of yours? And what may Llig mean in Welsh, then?!…

…d product. Please give details of your homebrew recipe.


There is only one ‘Llig’ in the world… :-P

I set out the open pots of jam to see which species of sugar lovin’ wasp or hornet would first alight, and I am not disappointed…

For an alternate musical repast here’s something I thought you might like nicholas. For those from across the Atlantic Bog, this is currently showing in our neck of the woods but concerns you podunks:

“Folk America”
~ in 3 parts, and concerts and other things too, on BBC 4, or you can partake of it here too:

Oh yes, confession is good for the soul ~ dear Llig was the inspiration for this one. Any more would reveal its true convolutions from revolution… :-/