Two recordings of
Michael Dwyer’s
The Trip To Athlone

Michael Dwyer’s (jig) is also known as Connie Connell’s, Connie O’Connell, Connie O’Connell’s, MacNamara’s, McNamara’s, Michael Dwyer’s, Michael O’Dwyer’s, The Restless Boy, Two And Sixpenny Girl, The Two And Sixpenny Girl.

The Trip To Athlone (jig) is also known as A Trip To Athlone, Gearrchaile Bhaile Uí BhFiacháin, The Newport Lass, Newport Lasses, The Newport Lasses, O’Brien’s Fancy, The Trip To Athlone.

Out On The Ocean by Moher

  1. The Newport Lass
  2. Connie O’Connell’s
  3. The Lark In The Morning

Session at the Cottage by Dan Compton & Fran Slefer

  1. The Trip To Athlone
  2. Michael Dwyer’s