One recording of
The Restless Boy
The Killavil

The Restless Boy (jig) is also known as The Aherlow, Connie Connell’s, Connie O’Connell’s, The Halfcrown Girl, MacNamara’s, McNamara’s, Michael Dwyer’s, Michael O’Dwyer’s, The Two And Sixpenny Girl, The Two-and-Sixpenny Girl.

The Killavil (jig) is also known as Cill Abhail, Kilavel, The Kilavil, The Killavel, The Killavill, The Killaville, The Killavol, Port Shligigh, Road To Killavil, The Road To Killavil, The Road To Killvail, Round Kilavelle, Round Kilavil, Trip To Kilavil, The Trip To Kilavil, Trip To Killavel, The Trip To Killavel, The Trip To Killavil, The Trip To Killavill.

Quarehawk by Michael Walsh

  1. The Ships In Full Sail
  2. The Killavil
  3. Michael Dwyer’s