Two recordings of
Michael Dwyer’s
The Monaghan

Michael Dwyer’s (jig) is also known as Connie Connell’s, Connie O’Connell, Connie O’Connell’s, MacNamara’s, McNamara’s, Michael Dwyer’s, Michael O’Dwyer’s, The Restless Boy, Two And Sixpenny Girl, The Two And Sixpenny Girl.

The Monaghan (jig) is also known as Clay Pipe, The Clay Pipe, Cock Up Your Chin Billy, Coleman’s, Monaghan’s, Monahan, Monahan’s, Port Mhuineacháin.

Clare Accordion by Seamus Walshe

  1. The Monaghan
  2. Morrison’s

Letting Go... by Katherine Irwin Thomas

  1. The Monaghan
  2. Michael Dwyer’s