Kitty O’Connor polka

Also known as Kitty O’Conner.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Kitty O'Connor
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
G>G G(A|B)G GF/E/|D>E DC|(B,C) DE/F/|
G>G G(A|B)G (GD)|EA (AB)|AD (EF)|
G>G G(A|B)G GF/E/|D>E DC|(B,C) DE/F/|
G>A G(E|D)B, (G,A,)|B,2A,2|G,4|
|:uG,>G, G,(A,|B,)C DC|B,>C B,(A,|B,)C DE/F/|
G>A G(E|D)B, (G,A,)|B,2A,2|1 A,4:|2 G,D EF||

Two comments

Kitty O’Connor

This is a March not a Polka, taken from Altan’s Horse with a Heart Album. From what I have read, the Kitty O Connor is danced to this marching tune and is particularly known in the north west of Donegal. During this dance the couple alternate between face to face waltzing and side by side marching. Or something like that. Enjoy.


This was used as a call-up tune during the American Civil War. At least that’s what the guy said in the Schutter Zolder, in Amsterdam one cold Thursday night in ‘79. Sounds great on whistle/ fife - wasn’t nearly so good on his dulcimer.

Ahhhh the memories….. the heat, the ripe smells, the full colour…. and that was just the Belgian beer