June Clover waltz

Also known as The Hesitation.

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One setting

X: 1
T: June Clover
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
F2G2|A3 ^GA^G|A2f2=g2|a3 ^ga^g|a6|A3 Bcd|e4d2|=g6-|=g2c2d2|
e3 ^de^d|e2=d2B2|c3 =c^c=c|^c2c2d2|e4(3ded|c4(3BcB|A6-|A2F2=G2|
A3 ^GAG|A2f2=g2|a3 ^gag|a6|A3 Bcd|e4d2|b6-|b6|
b6-|b2a2^g2|a6|f6|e3 fe2|B4c2|d6-|d6|
=g6-|=g2f2^e2|f6|d6|e3 fe2|B4c2|d6-|d2||

Three comments

June Clover (or the Hesitation Waltz)

The Richard Fitzgerald Ceili Band recorded a version of this tune in 1967. Jimmy Shand and his Band also recorded it on a 78 r.p.m. disc, at a date earlier than that.

It’s also known as "the Hesitation Waltz", as it was used for a dance of that name dating from the early 20th century.

At 64 bars, it’s quite a long tune, especially considering that there are no repeats. Only really suitable for chromatic instruments, on account of the many accidentals.

Esssentially a "box" tune - (especially accordian) though it might go well on fiddles or other instruments.

If you play in a ceili/celidh band, and the caller announces the Hesitation Waltz, this is the tune you need!

In Scotland this is still regularly played for a St. Bernard’s Waltz you just have to keep it sprightly.

Lovely tune.

theboymcdermott - thanks for your comment!

I hadn’t thought of using "June Clover" for Saint Bernard’s waltz, but as you say it fits the dance pefectly if played at the correct tempo.

Normally we use the standard "Saint Bernard’s Waltz" tune (which I’ve also just posted, by the way).

From now on we’ll use "June Clover" as a second tune for it, thanks to your comment!