Harry Cotter’s Schottische barndance

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Harry Cotter's Schottische
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:F>G|A>f e>dc>e (3dcB|A2F2 F>ED>F|A2G2 G>FE>G|B2A2 A>GF>G|
A>fe>d c>e (3dcB|A2F2 F>ED>F|A>dc>B A>GF>E|D2 F>Ad2:|
|:F>G|A2d2d2e2|d2 c>B c2 E>F|G2B2B2c2|B2 A>G A>GF>G|
A2d2d2e2|d2 c>B c2E2|G2 c>B A2 c>B|(3GFE D2 D2:|
X: 2
T: Harry Cotter's Schottische
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:F>G|A>f e>d c>e (3dcB|A2F2 F>E D>F|A2G2 G>F E>G|B2A2 A2 F>G|
A>f e>d c>e (3dcB|A2F2 F>E D>F|A>d c>B A>G F>E|D2-(3DFA d2:|
|:A2|F2A2d2e2|d2 c>=c ^c2 E>F|G2B2B2c2|B2 A>^G A>=G F>G|
A2d2d2e2|d2 c>=c ^c2c2|E2 c>B G2 c>B|(3AGF D2 D2:|

Seven comments

Harry Cotter’s Schottische

A delightful tune, which I understand to be Australian in origin.

The last two bars of the "B" part, although interesting, are unexpected, and so are consequently slightly difficult to play.

And it’s quite hard to resist the temptation to call it "Harry Potter’s Schottiche" ;-)

This tune does not sound as native Australian, it’s roots may lay somewhere in the alps, Bavaria / Tyrol ?

Harry Cotter’s Schottische

swisspiper - "Bavaria / Tyrol".??? Why? Have you any evidence?

I presume that you are aware that many of the inhabitants of Australia are descended from Irish, Scots, English immigrants etc.?

And following your comment, I’ve done a little research on the Net which would seem to suggest that I was correct regarding the origin of this tune:


And here is a video of a fiddler playing it:


Not a real evidence, just a feeling in my stomach the tune sounds kind of local - BTW lots of people from Germany and Switzerland down under as well, i.e my own sister…
But in the video I have to say it sounds much more Irish than in my imagination!

Harry Cotter’s Schottische

swisspiper - who knows?

…but "Schottische" dance itself actually originated in Bohemia.

But what I was really hoping for was a comment from a knowlegeable Australian.

Maybe some feedback from Harry Cotter himself, if he’s still arround and also a member here…. ;-)

Harry Cotter’s Schottische

I think it’s unlikely that Harry is either still around or a member. I met Harry shortly after being posted to Canberra in 1971. I’d gone off to play with Tom Rummery, Col McJannet and a few others on the Saturday night at a pub outside of Canberra. Afterwards i collapsed into (Russell’s?) car (nothing to do with the beer!!!! I hadn’t got used to being round the other side of the world!) and woke up to find we were going to Harry’s 74th birthday party at Binalong. Col had met up with Harry somewhere or other and discovered that in his younger days Harry had played fiddle, melodeon and mouth organ, and sung, at loads of house dances in the area. Harry was then getting dragged off to festivals all over the place, and downing an impressive amount of whisky! So he’d be about 112/13 now! The film My Beautiful Career featured the Harry Cotter Bush Band (they don’t credit the folk musicians, of course, but I think my old mate Mark Tandy was the melodeon player - can’t remember anyone else), and showed that while there was a concert going on at the front, the kitchen or barn was the scene of a bush dance! I’ll have to find the DVD and relive it!

Jig version

Australian bush musicians like to play Harry Cotter’s tune as a jig in the key of G major.