See It There reel

By Liz Carroll

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One setting

X: 1
T: See It There
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmix
E|D2 FA dfeg|fdef dcAG|E2 CD EGAB|A/B/A GE cAGE|
D2 FA dfef|ecGF E/F/G cE|F/E/D Ac BGAd|GcEG FDD:|
g|fd e/f/g f/g/a ge|dcAG FDDF|G/F/E cE dE A/B/c|d2 AG FDDg|
fd e/f/g f/g/a ge|dcAG FDAc|BGAd Gc E/F/G|cGEG FDD:|

Nine comments

See it There

Yet another magnificent tune from tunemonster Liz Carroll. This is a slow reel from her ‘Lost in the Loop’ album. Probably my second favourite album of all time, but only after her ‘In Play’ album with John Doyle.

See it there

Nice transcription - thanks

See it there

ps Any want to pin down a key for this one 🙂

See It There

Woops, yes, sorry that was pretty careless of me. D mix is where I hear it. I’ve changed the details.

Sse it there

Wasn’t a criticism, Bogman 🙂 - I hadn’t a clue what key to assign this.

Second tune on this one?

I’m going crazy trying to figure out the second tune she does after See It There. I accidentally ran across it on Itunes and got the abc off the Session but now have lost it all and forgot it’s name.

F#? F natural?

The two Fs in measure 6 seem like they should be F naturals to me. What do you think?

Re: See It There

Yes, it’s F natural in Liz Carroll’s book, “Collected”. Also, both parts have first and second endings.