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Kathren Oggie

I play for a Scottish Step Dance class and this came up. I haven’t seen it anywhere else and I think it’s quite a nice tune so I thought I would share it with the session users. I do use some double stopping and some grace notes at places appropriate to my style. That’s one of the nice things about this tune: there are opportunities for individual stylings.
Comments are welcome.

The only recorded version of this tune I know is by an American Renaissance group called The Baltimore Consort on their CD “On the Banks of Helicon”, which has a lot of great Scottish music from the 15th - 17th century. It’s all superbly played, and Kathren Oggie was the first tune I learned off that album.

Kathren Oggie

Just recently heard this lovely tuned played by the Baltimore Consort on the above recording, and as mentioned the whole album is excellent early Scottish music.
I’ll be buying this cd to learn the lovely tunes on mandolin and mandola.

Lady Catherine Ogle, a new dance, X:3

Lady Catherine Ogle, a new Dance.
Henry Playford “Apollo’s Banquet”, London 1687 (5th Edition)

This is as we play it in our sessions.
I think the original was in G Dorian.
The second voice is mine.

Re: Kathren Oggie

As well as the lovely Baltimore Consort version (I already own), the tune under Lady Catherine Ogle was recorded by The Broadside Band (have on cassette! now in my itunes library). Under the ‘attributed to’ O‘Carolan title of Young Catherine (in the Krassen version of O’Neill’s) is another excellent version by Fir Arda, a Norwegian band, the album title is Carolan’s Receipt for Drinking. It matches closely the Krassen book’s version.

There is also another notation thread under https://thesession.org/tunes/13393 Found on facebook a performance of Young Catherine by Fir Arda: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=451742449145326

Re: Kathren Oggie

Also the melody to Highland Mary. Apparently Burns didn’t like the lyrics to Kathryn Ogie (Young Catherine) and decided to improve the song with his own. As usual, he succeeded