Eighty-six recordings of The Scholar

Also known as Poor Scholar, The Poor Scholar, The Scolair, The South Shore.

This tune has been recorded together with Saint Anne’s (lots of times), The High (a few times), The Teetotaler’s (a few times), Father Kelly’s (a few times), The Bank Of Ireland (a few times), The Chicago (a few times), The Heather Breeze (a few times), Miss Monaghan (a few times), The Monaghan Twig (a few times), O’Rourke’s (a few times), The Old Bush (a few times), The Old Copperplate (a few times), The Red-Haired Lass (a few times), Rowsome’s (a few times), The Abbey, Bean An Tí Ar Lár, The Belfast, The Boys Of Ballinahinch, The Boys Of The Lough, The Breton Wedding, The Caledonian, Calum Donaldson, The Chattering Magpie, The Coalminer’s, The Concertina, The Congress, The Convenience, The Crooked Road To Dublin, The Curragh Races, The Devil’s Dream, Dick Gossip’s, Doherty’s, The Dorrington Lads, Drag Her Round The Road, The Dusty Miller, The Eel In The Sink, Fisher’s, The Flax In Bloom, The Galtee Rangers, The Galway Rambler, The Green Fields Of America, The Green Fields Of Rossbeigh, The Green Mountain, Greig’s Pipes, Hand Me Down The Tackle, The Humours Of Loughrea, The Hunter’s House, Jenny Picking Cockles, Jenny’s Wedding, The Little Beggarman, The London Lasses, Lord McDonald’s, The Maid Behind The Bar, The Man With The Money, The Mason’s Apron, Miss McLeod’s, Miss Thornton’s, The Mooncoin, Mrs. MacDougall, Music In The Glen, The Musical Priest, Never Was Piping So Gay, The New Brunswick, The New Copperplate, The Night Owl Time, O’Driscoll’s Favourite, Ormond Sound, Over The Moor To Maggie, Paddy O’Brien’s, Paddy On The Turnpike, The Peeler’s Jacket, President Garfield’s, Pretty Peg, The Rainy Day, Redican’s Mother, The Reel Of Mullinavat, The Rights Of Man, The Sally Gardens, Sam’s Delight, The Shaskeen, Sheehan’s, The Shepherd’s Daughter, Speed The Plough, The Star Of Munster, Stirling Castle, The Swallow’s Tail, The Templehouse, The Tenpenny Bit, Thousand Tall Ships, Tom Ward’s Downfall, Tommy Peoples’, The Traveller, The Trip To Durrow, Tuttle’s, The Virginia, The Waves At Dingle.

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