Two recordings of
The Scholar
The Monaghan Twig

The Scholar (reel) is also known as Poor Scholar, The Poor Scholar, The Scolair, The South Shore.

The Monaghan Twig (reel) is also known as Aprún An Tincéara, Monahan Twig, The Monahan Twig, Moynighans Twig, Three Scones Of Boxty, Tinker’s Apron.

Field Session, Volume 3 by Field Irish Music Club

  1. The Scholar
  2. The London Lasses
  3. The Monaghan Twig

Sessions From The Hearth Recorded LIVE In The National Folk Theatre Of Ireland by Benny O Carroll

  1. The Scholar
  2. The Teetotaller
  3. The Monaghan Twig