Four recordings of
The Scholar
The High

The Scholar (reel) is also known as Poor Scholar, The Poor Scholar, The Scolair, The South Shore.

The High (reel) is also known as Alexander Duff, An Ríl Ard, An T-Árd Ríl, Árdcor, Árdríl, Dr MacKinnon’s, Duffy The Dancer, The Gauger, Sandy Duff.

Crested Hens by Lough Key

  1. The Scholar
  2. Tuttle’s
  3. The High

Jigs, Reels & Hornpipes by The Dubliners

  1. The Scholar
  2. The Teetotaller
  3. The High

Step This Way by David Lindquist

  1. The Scholar
  2. The High
  3. Jenny’s Wedding
  4. The Mason’s Apron
  5. The Chicago
  6. Tom Billy’s

Tradaree by Denis Liddy And Elvie Miller

  1. The Scholar
  2. Dick Gossip’s
  3. Duffy The Dancer