Bubba Martin’s waltz

Also known as A Chara, A Chara Billy, A Waltz For Bill, Bill Martin’s, King Bubba’s.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Bubba Martin's
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:A de|f2 f^e fg|f/g/f e/f/e dc|B2 GB GB|A/B/A- Ad cd|
B2 GB GB|A/B/A FA de|f/g/f gf e^d|e3 A de|
f2 af ef|d/e/d f/e/d cd|B2 gB dB|A3 d cd|
B2 GB GB|A/B/A FA FA|f/g/f ge ce|d3:|
K: Dmin
|:A de|f2 fd gf|fe ^ce Ae|dA df ed|^cA ce ae|
f2 f/e/d gf|fe ^ce A2|d3 f e/d/^c|da ^ga b/a/g|
f3 a gf|fe ae ^cA|dA FA ed|^c2 cA ag|
fa gf ed|^ce ab a2|^c3 e a<c|d3:|

Ten comments

"A Chara" πŸ˜›

Well, as twisted as this might be, it isn’t anywhere near as representative of the Winter I’ve had, and a very unpleasant 12 hells of Winter, using that Christmas ditty, would not be a difficult task to populate lyric wise ~ except ~ out of all this, I’m finding that little pesky thing called dyslexic is not allowing me to ignore it, in bumping into walls and wondering off the cliff of a sentence, or into a wall of babble, of my own making.

Oops!? It looks like some of that is leaking out here.

None of my woes are as bad as others, but here’s a slight sample of the madness and the maddening, and things worse for someone else ~

Two rediculous and weird infections, including my whole right arm being out of commission and not letting me sleep. The pain there grew from lemon sized to a ver distorted and large red grapefruit, pain from the back of my hand to the shoulder, and it couldn’t touch anything without agony, including trying to slip on a coat or shirt… So, those two ills, and the one unlisted was worse, like someone had kicked me in the goolies and taken a 2x4 repeatedly across my back ~ AAAAA!!! And then ~ those damned horse pills, antibiotics that had their own way with me. I don’t need to describe that, some of you are probably already grimacing or laughing.

I’m not through, two, yes TWO, cracked teeth ~ unnnhhhh!!! Chill blanes, which are rare with me, this being probably the third time in a long life, like someone had taken a power sander to my right toes and at least exposed the nerves.

But all that is just physical stuff, most of it new to me, but hey, I can suffer, I have my own cupboard of hair shirts and whips. The worse was this ~ A HUGE barney with me da, who is a red necked shove it your face tyrant. You’d expect I was an adult, greying, and could deal with this. Well, you’d be wrong. Everything else had worn down my patience and in the end of a run of trying to understand him and get some respect for myself and my wife ~ I told him to F**K OFF!!! We haven’t spoken since. And there’s my dear ma, who is not well. Somewhere I’ll have to find a way to get past that jerk, meaing me da… GRRRRRR!!!

But hey, that isn’t new, that I can set aside too, and my wife can forgive me, fortunately for my irritability in general and my occassional lack of sense, I’m lucky there.

It seems we also had some eruptions locally with a certain other tyrant, two autocrats in a row, me da and this other twit, but while that was long burning and painful, some resolution has been achieved by the grace or intervening others. The outcome, if ‘stress’ has anything to do with everything else, was me resigning from all my teaching in December, and now, hopefully, back teaching next week again. Fingers and toes crossed, except when I’m playing or stepping, and definitely not my right toes ~ all will go with a good share of smiles, "How are Yuh!", and laughter…

So, to this, the ABSOLUTE WORST ~ I would have survived all the above one way or another, whatever happened, but this has me most worried, most bothered, goosebump and shakey worried ~ a dear friend of ours is very ill, possibly lymphoma. That is our greatest concern, in our hearts and prayers…

This little ditty has something to do with all of the above, with several shades of sadness woven in the B-part, and "PARTY ON!" in the A-part.

Bless you all, and apologies for those request I still haven’t gotten to… Oh yeah, I forgot to say, the computer, bits of it having been all over here, it has also been very ill, and still is. this is courtesy of a borrowed laptop, which is, with the old friend of a computer, also added to the multi-faceted agro this Winter…

I know this will wind a few of you up, c’est la vie… It means I will have passed some of it on… πŸ˜€

We shall overcome… πŸ˜‰ ~ 😎

Bitch and moan, bitch and moan, bitch and moan ~ at least there is music, and when I couldn’t play I could lilt and listen… πŸ™‚

"~ by the grace of intervening others…" ~ bless ‘em…

~ the ‘D’ 😏 ~ correction ~ ofs and ors ~ worse when tired…


For those wanting to know about the ^c ~ πŸ˜‰ ~ that raised 7th in the B-part, that’s a hint of hope. With me there’s always at least a dram of it left over, no matter what, which has also caused irritation in others… Sometimes I have trouble finding it myself though…

d ‘harmonic’ minor…

& the last time through ~ AABA…

I repeatedly find myself playing this without repeating the parts, as 32 bars, AB, but still preferring to end on the A part, or reversing the order at the end ~ AB-BA…

Bubba Martin’s Waltz

Having played through this tune, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s lovely. Trying to decipher the notes, I surmise it’s a composition by yourself, ceolachan; if so, you are to be congratulated, and thank you for the tune.

Further diving into the words, could it be that it’s in honour of your father, whose final journey is being aided by, hopefully, people who know just what to do. I’m full of sympathy for you at this time, ceolachan. I’ve been there; my father succumbed to cancer just over two years ago, my mother some eight years. In my experience, the fear of the passing is greater thatn the actual event, and there is a sense of relief in play too, that there is an end to suffering. Take solace in music and your loved ones.

Thanks Nigel, not my da, ‘Cliff’, he didn’t much care for the one hornpipe that came to me thinking about his ‘edges’, sharp and rough. This one is for a friend that for both my wife and I was family, very close, Bill Martin. There are also a few other musical distractions to do with Bill’s wife, Nancy, who we also lost to cancer. Both Bill and Nancy mean a tremendous amount to us both, are in our hearts always, and I am better for having had them in my life, or at least some of those better parts of me are improved by our long association, which included music and dance, and food, and drink, and so much more.

Our understanding of natural medicine and therapy, like music, and loved ones, friends, is definitely in synch. Thanks for the thought, and sharing your own experience here and understanding, much appreciated…

A friend in the digital quagmire ~ ‘c’