Trip To London jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Trip To London
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
|: cAF E3 |A3 cde | d2 B BAB | gfe ^de=d |
cAF E3 | A3 cde | dfb cea | BAG Aed :|
|:cee fee | aee edc | d2 d ede | def fed |
cee fee | aee edc |d2 d ceB | BAG Aed :|
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Three comments

Lovely Jig played by Ernestine Healy/Fionnuala Rooney

"Concertina player Ernistine Healy is one of the 2007 Co-Directors and togerher with fellow Co-Director Fionnuala Rooney on harp recorded these 3 jigs at the inaugral Summer School in 2004. The first jig was learned from the playing of Laoise Kelly, […]"

Lovely jig, couldn’t find any name for it.

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I think that it’s called "The Trip to London"

Lovely tune …

I’m fairly certain that it’s called "The Trip to London".

If so, it’s already been posted here on thesession tune db.

Please delete

Jeremy, could you please delete this one?

I also found the exact match for this version by now:


Must have searched on the wrong snippets. It’s amazing how sensitive ABC searches are for a genre that is characterized by variations. If it’s not exactly 100% identical, it’s not found. Is there a way to allow for fuzzy matches for specific common variations in notation (e..g. ~E3 and E3)?

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