Miss Mary Walker reel

Also known as Margaret Walker, Mary Walker, Miss Mary Walker’s.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Miss Mary Walker
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmin
|~B2 dB ecAc|ABdf bfdB|e2 Ge ~d2 Fd|~c2 Ec BAGA|
~B2 dB ecAc|ABdf bfdB|egce dfBd|cf=ef af_ec||
~B2 bB aBgB|~f2 =ef afdB|AFeF dFcF|ABcd ecAc|
~B2 bB aBgB|f2 =ef afdB|egce dfBd|cf=ef af_ec||
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Two comments

This seems to be a reel from Scott Skinner.
I picked it up in Sean Keane’s mighty ‘Jig it in Style’, some years ago.
I don’t know if Bb is the original key, but it seems to be when I play it.
It’s a quite uncommon exercise for fingers too.

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Mary Walker reel

Yes, the original key is Bb. Sean McGuire recorded the tune on his 1962 album with The Four Star Quartet, ‘The Music of Ireland’ in a set following "Reidy Johnston" and "Margaret Jackson’. Luke O’Malley probably learned it from that recording, but he misremembered the title, calling it "Margaret Walker" in his 1976 tune collection. James Scott Skinner, the composer, publuished it in his 1881 Miller of Hirn Collection as "Miss Mary Walker" and in The Scottish Violinist (1900) as "Mary Walker"; it can aslo be found elsewhere as "Miss Mary Walker of Peterhead".