The Irish hornpipe

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Irish
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amin
|: e>d | c>dB>c A2 e>d | c>dB>c A2 c>d | e>fe>d c>de>f | g>ed>c d2 e>d |
c>dB>c A>cB>A |G>EC>E G2 e>d | c2 B>A ^G>AB>^G | A6 :|
|:c>d | e2 a4 ^g>a | b2 a4 e>f | g>^fg>a g2 =f>e |d>cB>A G2 c>d |
e2 a4 ^g>a | b2 a4 e>d | c2 B>A ^G>AB>^G | A6 :|

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The Irish Hornpipe

N.B. No connection whatsoever with the tunes of the same name (mazurka, waltz) already here on thesession db.

This one’s a hornpipe, transcribed to abc by me from my old copy of Kerr’s.

In my transcription, both the "A" and "B" parts are repeated, whereas only the "A" part is shown with repeats in my copy of Kerr’s. The authorship of the tune is credited to a "J. Mc C.". Who was he, I wonder?

This tune might make a welcome change at sessions from hornpipes of a similar ilk - such as King of the Fairies and Rights of Man.

If I were playing it, I would be inclined to replace each minim in the "B" part with a pair of crotchets, and the dotted minims at the end of the "A" and "B" parts with three crotchets.

Crotchet = Quarter-Note (U.S. English)
Minim= Half-Note (U.S. English)

Just noticed!

Ha! Just noticed the system-generated comment:

".. share any anecdotes you might have about ‘the Irish’".

I’ll give that one some thought, but there must be plenty of scope …. 😉

I’d like to see the sheetmusic up… It seems like a nice enough tune but I can’t make heads or tails of this type of notation:P

Irish Hornpipe - Sheet Music

@jlocky - It’s Jeremy (not the member who submits the tune) who adds the sheet music (and the sound file).

He generally does this within about a day of a tune being posted, but I guess that he must busy with something more important at the moment …

… but if you really can’t wait, just download the abc file, then copy and paste it into one of the online converters.

Like this one:

… which will create the sheet nusic for you.

Princess Royal

This is very remeniscent of the minor version of the Morris Dance tune "Princess Royal" but more interesting.

Nice one

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Princess Royal

Hi Hetty

Yes, I think both this tune and Rodney’s Glory (mentioned above) derive their ispiration from Princess Royal.

Incidently, Princess Royal (often thought of as being an English tune) is in the O’Carolan MS …

Thanks very much,
I will 🙂

"… the O’Carolan MS…"?
There is no O’Carolan MS. Only one book with some of his tunes was published in his lifetime, of which a single imperfect and dodgy copy survives. Most of the tunes attributed to O’Carolan were collected well after his death.
Princess Royal appears in English country dance publications from around 1730 onwards.
Who knows which came first, the major or the minor version, or Rodney’s Glory - they are all related somehow…