Billy First’s jig

Also known as Billy Rush’s, Brenann Mac Finn.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Billy First's
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:A3 AFA|Bcd ede|fef fgg|fed edB|
A3 AFA|Bcd ede|fef fgg|1 edc dcB:|2 edc d2e||
|:f3 def|fgg fed|e3 ede|a3 gfe|
f3 def|fgg fed|e3 ede|1 edc d2e:|2 edc dcB||
|:A3 AFA|Bcd ede|fdd gdd|fed edB|
A3 AFA|Bcd ede|fef fgg|edc dcB|
A3 AFD|Bcd ede|faa fgg|fed edB|
A3 AFA|Bcd ede|fef fgg|edc d2e||
|:f3 def|fgg fed|e3 A2z|a3 gfe|
f3 def|fgg fed|e3 ede|edc d2e:|
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Eight comments

Billy First’s Jig

A fantastic Jig, fits really well on the pipes.

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Very Different

This setting is very different to what is on this data base, enough to make it a new tune.

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Sorry JACKB these tunes are the same one except that they are in different keys: 326 is in key of A (not D as stated); 2313 is in the key of C. Certainly not a NEW tune.
The youtube clip gives the title as “Tommy Cunniffe’s” (at least I presume the title on the clip refers to the first tune). I won’t add it as an alternative title because I am not sure. What thinks you “celtic marine”?

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Tommy Cunniffe’s

Hiya Hetty,

I think “Tommy Cunniffe’s” refers to the set as a whole, as Lunasa often does that with their sets. I actually have a workshop with Mr. Crawford tomorrow, so I’ll ask him.

Tommie Cunniffe’s

Heard Kevin and Cillian play this last night. Awesome! Introduced the set as Billy First’s-Burning Snowball-Road to the Reel jig. The last one being written by Tommie Cunniffe. Lively!