The Woodchoppers reel

By Ned Landry

Also known as Le Petit Bucheux, Reel Le B, Woodchopper’s Ball, The Woodchopper’s Ball, Woodchopper’s Breakdown, The Woodchopper’s Breakdown, The Woodchopper’s, Woodchoppers Breakdown.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Woodchoppers
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|DFAd B2A2|DFAd B2A2|A,CEG Aceg|agec AGFE|
DFAd B2A2|DFAd B2A2|A,CEG Acef|1 gece d2AF:|2 gece d2fg||
|:afdB ABAF|DFAd f2ef|gecB Aefg|a^gab a2fg|
afdB ABAF|DFAd f2ef|gecB Acef|1 gece d2fg:|2 gece d2AF||

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Sharon Shannon

This tune is on Track 16 of sharon Shannon’s Spellbound Album. Sharon is on the fiddle and her sister is on the banjo. Lovely little tune I think. Does anybody know the tune they play after it?

No but her sisters name is Mary & she is a brilliant player!

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Yes, and they wear the greatest clothes. 🙂


The Woodchoppers

The tune they play after the Woodchoppers Reel is called (I think!) "Le Reel Des Voyageurs" which they got from the great French Canadian group La Bottine Souriante, and is to be found on their album "Chic and Swell" (one of their their best).Regards, Peter.

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Woodchoppers Breakdown Origin

This tune comes from the compositions of Ned Landry from New Brunswick Canada.

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the name of the tune is Le Petit Bucheux, meaning = the small woodchopper … i am french, hence, i enjoy browsing for the tounes from Quebec, although i’m not from there, a little further east

If you watch the Woodwright’s Shop on PBS you have heard this tune.

Woodchoppers vs kildare’s fancy

Although this tune sound a little like the theme of "the Woodwright’s Shop" it actually isn’t. The shows credits list the theme tune as Kildare’s Fancy. Try them both and you can see the difference.

How much wood could a woodchopper chop if a woodchopper could chop wood? Tons of wood, but why would he? I don’t like this toone too much, that’s because I prefer byootiful to funny.

Re: The Woodchoppers

Also bears a resemblance to John Kirkpatrick’s "Pepper in the Brandy" in the opening riff of the A part.