The Birks Of Invermay strathspey

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Birks Of Invermay
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
B>c|d3 e d>B A>G|A>G A>B E3 G|D>E DB, D2 G>D|B,2 D>E D2 G>B|
d2 ef/g/ d<B A>G|c>B AG E2 B>A|G>E DB, D2 G>A|B2 A>G G2 D>C|
=B,3 D E>D E<G|A>G A<B E2 e2|d>e d>B c>B A<G|c>d c>B A2 d>c|
B>d e>f g3 e|d>B A>G E2 B>A|G>E DB, D2 G>A|B2 A>G G2||

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The Birks of Invermay

One of the tunes listed against a recording submitted by Ceolachan:

Quite a few of the tunes on this recording were already posted to thesession tune db, but this was one that wasn’t.

Birks = Birch Trees (note that it’s “Birks”, and not “Berks”!)

Invermay is an estate in on the northern edge of the Ochil Hills, central Perth and Kinross, Scotland.

Is there meant to be…

a B flat somewhere? I only ask because of the B that’s made natural without any clear need.

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Also found as a slow air in Francesco Geminiani’s collection of Scots airs (ca. 1740)

Re: The Birks Of Invermay

Also found in “Twelve Scotch and Twelve Irish Airs” by Burk Thumoth, 1746.

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Re: The Birks Of Invermay

The Birks of Invermay.

I believe this lovely old Scottish Air was first published in William Thompson’s Orpheus Caledoneus in 1733.

I had a go at it today on Tenor Guitar & English Concertina.