The Feather Hammer jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Feather Hammer
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Ador
|:"Am"AGA [c3e]|AGA ~c3|"C"EDE ~G3|EDE ~G3|"Am"AGA ~c3|
AGA cde|1 "G"dGB "D"ADF|"Am"EAA AGA:|2 "G"geg "D"fdf|"Am"ecA AB/c/d||
|:"Am"eaf "Em"ggg|"Eb"^dgd "Bb"=fd_B|"F"cAA =fAA|AGA ~c3|
"Bb"dge =fgf|"Dm"AGA d=FG|"E"EBB dBB|"E7"eBB dBB:|

Eight comments

C: ~ ?

And the composer is?

from "Slipstream" by Roscommon guitarist Frank Simon.
The key signature is more of a compromise and thus there might be some enharmonic "mistakes" in the accidentals of the odd notes and chords. I’m seriously looking forward to hear from anybody who decides to play this on a "real" intrument.

That was quick ceolachan! I took out the composers name (Frank Simon)
cause I was afraid this would be "redundant" information. Also I’m not very experienced at posting tunes (2nd posting ,so many mistakes and I thought it would be the transcription that matters).

Just out of curiosity; what might a "real" instrument be?

I think it would play easily and sound wonderful on a bodhran…

Absolutely! A bodhran orchestra would set things off wonderfully.

MIck B: A ‘real’ instrument would include anything but a guitar, simple as it gets…so how about a nose whistle? Or an ocarina? 😉

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Not to mention a jaws harp or a kazoo.