Grey Old Woman Of Raasey reel

Also known as Cailleach Liadh Ratharsair, Grey Old Woman Of Raasay, The Grey Old Woman Of Raasay.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Grey Old Woman Of Raasey
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
|:e|~A2 fg aeef|~g2 ag fddf|~A2 fg aeeg|fdec AAA:|
B|cA ~A2 ecce|fA ~A2 ecce|cA ~A2 ecce|fAec BBBd|
cA ~A2 ecce|fA ~A2 ecce|cA ~A2 ecce|fAec BBB||

Five comments

Naem? Composer?

Sorry all, another Gan Ainm that I would love to learn the name to. Assuming again that it may be trad. Thanks for any help.

Grey Old Woman of Raasey

It’s called the Grey Old Woman of Raasey. Great really old pipe tune.

Grey Old Woman of Raasey

It’s here already though.

BTW. A couple of the other tunes you’ve submitted you’ve listed as D major when actually they’re A mix, I imagine you’ve done that to get two sharp’s but so has A mix. You can still edit the details of the tunes to the correct key. Also, if you want to find other tunes suitable for GHB here have a look at my profile page there are quite a few linked there.


Many thanks for the info Bogman! Sorry to have duplicated. And cheers for the proper key. Will remember that and update other posted tunes accordingly.

Looking forward to browsing through your postings!

this title looks like the beginning of a Limerick

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