Five recordings of The Rocky Road To Mount Collins

Also known as Dan Murphy’s, The Road To Glen, The Road To Mount Collins, The Road To Mountcollins, The Rocky Road To Mountcollins, The Rocky Road To Mt. Collins.

This tune has been recorded together with The Ballyhoura Mountains, Cutting Bracken, The Golden Eagle, John Brosnan’s, John Joe Harnett’s, Maurice O’Keeffe’s, O’Keefe’s, Thadelo’s, We Won’t Go Home Till Morning.

  1. On Yer Toes! by The Jig Is Up!
  2. Tailored by Donal Murphy
  3. The Side Over by Jeremy Spencer And Sean Leahy
  4. The Trí-Tones by The Trí-Tones
  5. The Trip We Took Over The Mountain by Charlie Piggott and Rowan Piggott