One recording of
Elizabeth Kelly’s Delight
Winnie Hayes’

Elizabeth Kelly’s Delight (slip jig) is also known as Aoibhneas, Aoibhneas Eilis Ni Cheallaigh, Aoibhneas Éilís Uí Cheallaigh, Aoibhneas Elis Ni Cheallaigh, Catherine Kelley’s, Catherine Kelly’s, Catherine Kelly’s Delight, Eilis Kelly’s Delight, Elisabeth Kelly’s Delight, Elizabeth Kelly, Elizabeth Kelly’s, Elizabeth Kelly’s Favourite, Katherine Kelly’s, Katherine Kelly’s Delight, Kelly’s Joy, Mary Kelly, Mary Kelly’s, Wandering Spirit, The Wandering Spirit.

Winnie Hayes’ (jig) is also known as Jim Reavey’s, Winnie Haye’s, Winnie Hayes, Winnie Hayes’s.

Ode to the Lovers by The Travelers VGM

  1. Theme Of Love
  2. Winnie Hayes
  3. The Legend Of Lisalway
  4. Elizabeth Kelly’s Delight